Monday, February 25, 2013

"It" girl of the week: Jenna Webb

The Just Sports & Just Us "It girl" of the week is Jenna Webb

Missouri's Sheldon Richardson believes he should be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft

Missouri's Sheldon Richardson is best known for his statement about Georgia playing "old man football". He later apologized to Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt after his Tigers were whacked by the Bulldogs.

Richardson doesn't lack confidence and speaks his mind whether it's right or wrong. There's nothing wrong with being confident but it'll set you up for a letdown if you're not careful.

The outspoken Richardson sounds cocky and confident as ever going into the NFL Draft. Richardson proclaimed himself the best player in the draft and that he should be the number one pick.

“I see myself as the top pick, not a top-10 pick,” Richardson said Saturday at the NFL Combine. “I didn’t come into this draft to be second to anyone. If they see what they like — they’re going to get a (heck) of a ballplayer.”

Richardson should be a top 20 pick in the draft, but he'll be in for a rude awakening on draft day when hee isn't selected number one. The way he runs his mouth could have him slide down to the second round because you know NFL suits don't like players that run their mouth before they've proven anything on the highest level.

Richardson should learn to zip it before it costs him a few million dollars.

Damon hoping the Yankees give him a call

With Curtis Granderson out for 10 weeks with a broken forearm the New York Yankees are exploring options for a replacement until Granderson is back in action.

One of the options probably won't be the well traveled Johnny Damon who looks like he's trying to hang on in the majors.

Damon has shown interest in coming back to the Yankees and is hoping to get a call from the team. But he is a realist and knows that the Yankees won't 'reach out' to him.

“I don’t think it will,” Damon told The Post tonight. “They’ve had plenty of opportunities since 2009 and it hasn’t happened. But if they call, I’m ready to go.”

“I would play for the minimum [$490,000 per year, prorated] for six weeks,” he said. “If Granderson, returns I would leave. If there’s no room for me, I am gone.”

Last year Damon played in 64 games with the Cleveland Indians but was released after compiling a meager .222 batting average.

Damon believes going back to New York would help invigorate his game.

I don't believe that anything will help Damon right now. He needs to hang it up and call it a career.  

Seattle city officials making NBA dates for Key Arena

The sale of the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle investment group hasn't been approved, but it hasn't stopped Seattle city officials from tentatively scheduling home games at Key Arena for the 2013-2014 season.

Seattle officials are penciling tentative dates for the SuperSonics to play at KeyArena in the 2013-14 National Basketball Association season.

That scheduling includes working in dates for current tenants at Key, including the Seattle Storm and the Seattle University Redhawks. It also depends on the NBA Board of Governors voting to approve a sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Seattle investment group headed by investor Chris Hansen and to move the team to Seattle. Both decisions could come at the Board of Governors meeting April 18.

The Seattle City Council received a briefing this morning on plans to build a new half-billion-dollar arena in Sodo and prepare the Sonics former home at Key for up to three seasons starting in November.

The owners of the Kings, Joe and Gavin Maloof have flirted with the idea of moving the Kings since the city hasn't come to a deal to finance a new arena. The sale to Hansen's group is nearly a done deal and barring an eleventh hour miracle it looks like Seattle will have their Supersonics back.