Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dunk of the night

5-10 Detroit Piston guard Will Bynum had the dunk of the night against Charlotte.

Hornets fire Byron Scott

The New Orleans Hornets fired head coach Byron Scott today.General manager Jeff Bower will take over in the interim.In my opinion Scott is getting a raw deal.After losing to the San Antonio Spurs in the 2008 Western Conference semifinals in seven games the Hornets have kinda hit the skids.They were a playoff team last season,but inflated expectations,injuries,and payroll slashing all things that were beyond Scott's control did in the Hornets. They traded Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor,and last season they traded him for basically a bag of basketballs. I knew this would happen because every time i came across a Hornets game on tv they were down by 20. New Orleans isn't a bad team,they're just playing bad.Scott deserves to coach to at least the All Star break to see if he is the man to lead them. I foresee some payroll dumping and some major pouting by Chris Paul to get out of town.This team is going nowhere fast,but i could be wrong. 

Another Clipper goes down

Los Angeles Clipper guard Eric Gordon has went down with a groin injury.Once again another Clipper bites the dust with an injury.Like I mentioned in another post, the Clippers are a historically bad  franchise.They're also snakebit by having key players injured then leave when their contracts are done.
He won't be flying this high for the time being.

His Air-rogance? Rapper Chamillionaire dissed by Michael Jordan

I know Michael Jordan probably doesn't care who Chamillionaire is. Still doesn't give him a license to act like an ass. According to Cham, who saw Jordan posing with a few female fans, he asked to take a picture with him. Jordan replied "I ain't taking no pictures with no n-----(Fill in the blanks).Chamillionaire being shocked,told Jordan he just bought a jersey of his at a Reggie Bush auction for $7,000. Jordan's reply to that was "You know what,you pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I'll take a picture with you.This further infuriated Chamillionaire, who has since made videos on Youtube saying he wants to punch Jordan.