Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why do people only report the negative on athletes?

Sitting here on a football Sunday,I read a story on Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Cribbs.It was how Cribbs walked out with a senior football player in Berea,Ohio ,on senior night,who had lost his father to lymphoma.I thought to myself how great of a gesture it was for Cribbs to do that,but it was underreported.I know there are lots of professional athletes that do these kind of things.Not for publicity,but out of the kindness of their heart.Yes,I know there are some bad one's out there.I know some do something terribly wrong that counteracts what good they've done.I don't condone the bad,but why is that the negative only gets reported.It's always how they feel they're above the law and things of that nature.
  I read a story of how Marquis Daniels of the Boston Celtics gives back to his neighborhood and helps underpriviliged children in Orlando,Florida.He also helps out with the Q6 foundation in Boston for kids with sickle cell anemia.No one would know this because its underreported.Let him get caught drunk driving and its everywhere.Like I said before,I don't condone their reckless behavior,but balance it out a little.Like Allen Iverson said before,its easier to report the negative,but ignore the positive things I've done in my life.,202608

24 hours of hoops takes on a new meaning

ESPN kicks off its college basketball coverage by with a "24 hours of college basketball" event. Two New Jersey schools, St. Peter's and Monmouth are kicking it off with a 6 am tipoff. St.Peter's head coach John Dunne says he campaigned for this game since Niagara was in the 8 am slot and thought it would be a good time slot.Monmouth coach Dave Calloway agreed with the idea.Although i agree with the notion of getting any kind of exposure you can get I think this is a bit much.That's just the world of college athletics where the have-nots have to get any kind of attention they can get their hands on.  

Pacquiao batters Cotto

If there was any doubt Manny Pacquiao could bang with the big boys in the welterweight division,he erased it last night with a 12th round stoppage of Miguel Cotto.The win gave Pacquiao the WBO welterweight title,his seventh in seven different weight classes.Regarded as the pound for pound king,Pacquiao showed why as he turned Cotto's face into a bloody mess.He put down Cotto in the third and fourth round the second which slowed Cotto the most.It was a dazzling display of power and speed as Cotto stated "he didn't know where the punches were coming from".Cotto's trainer,Joe Santiago,wanted to throw in the towel in the 11th round,but Cotto came out for the 12th and final round for more punishment.Santiago said that Pacquiao "Hit harder than we expected and was stronger than we expected".
   Now the waiting begins.Floyd Mayweather,who is still regarded in some circles as the pound for pound king is the fight everyone wants to see.Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach says he would like to to see Manny fight Floyd.The crowd in Vegas also would like that to happen as they chanted "we want Floyd".The thing is,does Floyd want Manny.Mayweather is a great fighter but seems to duck that topic whenever someone brings it up.It would be a true classic if Mayweathther takes the fight.But I think money will be a sticking point as Floyd would rather fight against a more winnable opponent.I hope it happens,because no one seems to want to take the megafight,like fighters did in the past.