Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fake Luck jerseys for sale

Andrew Luck hasn't even been drafted, but it hasn't stopped a website for putting up images of an Indianapolis Colts jersey bearing Luck's name and college number 12. has the jersey, but you have to figure it's a fake since Luck hasn't even been assigned a team or number.

 “I can tell you it’s not authorized by the Colts,” said Chuck O’Hara, the club’s senior director of marketing. 

Said league spokesman Brian McCarthy: “Our legal department is aware and looking into it.”

I'm pretty sure someone has gotten paid from the sales of the "fake" Luck jersey, but there will be some trouble on the horizon when the league decides it wants to investigate a little deeper into the matter.

Couple charged in million dollar scheme against Dwight Freeney

It's nothing new to hear a professional athlete being taken for millions of dollars. Either a shady financial adviser or bad investments.

Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney should consider himself lucky that his victimizers were caught before his situation was made worse than it was.

A financial adviser for Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and the adviser's lover have been arrested on federal wire fraud charges that allege they swindled about $2.2 million from the lineman.

Eva Weinberg, 48, of Los Angeles, and Michael Stern, 51, of Miami, were arrested last week by FBI agents who believe the couple were trying to flee the United States.

From what was in the article, Freeney wasn't named directly in the case but Stern's attorney, Henry Bell confirmed the victim was indeed Freeney.

Athletes and entertainers make tons of money but squander lots of it and make bad financial decisions. It's made worse when the people that you trust with your money are stealing it from you. More players need to be aware of who they are trusting.

Danny Manning to be named coach at Tulsa

Kansas head coach, Bill Self is having a tough time keeping his staff intact. Yesterday, assistant Barry Hinson was announced as the new head coach at Southern Illinois. There are reports surfacing that Danny Manning has agreed to take the coaching job at Tulsa.

Manning has been an assistant at Kansas since 2007.

Could the pending departures propel Kansas to the national championship? That remains to be seen.

I'm sure there are some people in Norman that are still bitter about Manning.

Larry Brown has interest in the SMU job

SMU hasn't had much success in college basketball since the days of Jon Koncak. There isn't much news surrounding the program, so it was a surprise to me a few days ago when I finally found out that SMU fired Matt Doherty.

The Mustangs will be joining the Big East soon, more of a football move than a basketball one, so the hiring of a new coach is critical for the program.

The Mustangs have targeted Marquette's Buzz Williams, but he isn't going anywhere, so the Mustangs will have to scout on a new route. One name that hasn't been mentioned, but reportedly reached out to SMU is the retired Larry Brown.

Brown has said that he wanted to coach again at the college level, but at SMU? Brown must be incredibly bored with the millions he's taken in buyouts to want to coach at SMU. I'm not saying that it's a bad job, I just don't think he'll fit, but stranger things have happened. Brown could be the one to lead SMU back to respectability since he is a teacher and his name and track record would lend credibility to the program. I just don't see him going there.

SMU might not have a choice but to hire Brown unless they hire a low major coach, because no one from a good mid major or big program will take the job. Even with the departures of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, the Mustangs will need someone to shepherd them through the Big East landscape.