Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Funny Hockey Video

I don't talk too much hockey or post too much regarding the sport, but when I saw this video posted by MC Five Hole doing "Love To Hear The Boos", I got a good laugh out of it.

NFL Players Need Guaranteed Contracts If League Goes To 18 Games

The NFL is, to me, the most violent sport there is. You see the violent collisions every week, the hard hits, and the helmet to helmet shots the league has basically outlawed. There are also the stories of how broke and broken down players are after their careers have ended. That's why I say the league would be making a mistake expanding the schedule to 18 games. I also think if they do go to 18 games, the players should push for guaranteed contracts.

The NFL's current labor situation is threatning to cancel next season. I don't know all the specifics about it, except it's millionaire players squabbling with billionaire owners.I do know the players want to keep playing under the current labor agreement and the owners want to change the economic system. And the owners also want to 'lockout' the players. Just think back to the NBA lockout. The owners won't let the players play.

I know owners would like to keep the current wage scale instead of guaranteed deals. That's why they like to pay roster bonuses, and give incentive laden deals. If they cut you, you don't get paid. If you dont get 8 picks you don't get that bonus.

I agree that there should be a rookie wage scale. No unproven player that may be a bust should get paid as much or more than a player that has been to multiple Pro Bowls. On the other end, if the owners want to expand the schedule to 18 games the contracts should be guaranteed. I know, they play a game and get paid lots of money for it. But they also want to walk away with a little financial security after they leave the game. Also with an 18 game season there are bound to be more injuries than the norm. Eventually the owners would want to cut players that are always hurt. That's why the players should push for guaranteed money. They already cut you for being on the wrong side of 30 as it is. I believe NFL contracts should be structured like NBA deals. Guaranteed money over the length of the contract. If not at least cut down on all the OTA's and minicamps.