Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reckless Driving

Apparently Andrew Bynum still has to learn the rules of the road. After being pulled over back in November 2010 for going 110 mph in a 55 mph zone in his Ferrari and parking in a handicapped space while grocery shopping in July, Bynum racked up two more tickets...this week.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bynum was pulled over Tuesday for driving without a license plate and having illegally tinted tail lights. Bynum walked away with a fix-it ticket. But it was not lesson learned, because today Bynum was pulled over in his Porsche 911 on the freeway for going over 80 mph. Bynum was cited and released.

Maybe it's time for Bynum to consider hiring a chauffer or maybe taking a cab or bus to get around since he can't follow the simple rules of the road.

Russell Westbrook's Cool Skates

I never was much of a skater and never will be. But if I ever decided that I wanted to lace up a pair I would go with the skates that Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has.

Westbrook converted a pair of Air Jordan III's into some 'Roll Bounce' specials. Now if he can get some of the Jordan XI Concord's made into skates I'll really be impressed.    

Panthers LB Has His Guns Stolen

I guess returning items after Christmas isn't the best errand to run on the way to the shooting range. I know it's not the ideal trip, but some people do it. Like Carolina Panthers linebacker Kion Wilson. The problem with the trip was that Wilson had his guns stolen from his truck.

While Wilson went to return some items to a Charlotte area Best Buy store, Wilson had four guns stolen from his Ford F-150. A Glock 23, a 12-gauge shotgun, a 57 FN handgun and a Smith and Wesson were reported stolen to the Charlotte police on Monday. Before you question why Wilson possesed such an arsenal, the guns are registered and he is licensed to travel with them, hence the trip to the shooting range which he was going to after stopping at Best Buy.

The value of the guns is estimated at $1,700. Police are investigating into who stole the guns and the police report indicated that the door lock on the truck was damaged as well.

I know the NFL might look down on Wilson for having the guns, but more importantly there are some guns that might end up in the wrong hands if they aren't tracked down.