Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pistons Need To Let 2004 Go

Just by body language and actions alone, Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton need to be shipped out of town. It's time to let go of 2004. Get them out and if you can get anything for Ben Wallace take it and get him out of here too. Get rid of the past and start anew. It's the only way to go.

Hamilton has been brooding and pouting since Chauncey Billups was shipped out of town. Everyone knows that trade changed the dynamic of this team, and Hamilton, or anyone else on the roster for that matter, was the same. They had their doors blown off in the playoffs and missed them altogether last year. I know Joe Dumars might have his hands tied since the team is up for sale, but he has to make these deals to get them younger and maybe net a future star. Especially since it seems that Prince and Hamilton have grown tired of being in Detroit. For proof, don't look any further than the events that happened in the past two weeks. Prince blew up at coach John Kuester and Hamilton was kicked out of the Lakers game for essentially muttering a few choice words and it seemed like he really didn't care about leaving the game.

Prince has an expiring contract, which in the NBA is like gold, so Dumars may be able to get something for him. I personally think Hamilton still has value, but he needs the right team and sidekick (like he had in Chauncey). Problem is he has an unforgiving contract since Dumars signed him to that ridiculous extension.

It's time to stop living in the past and let go of 2004. Start playing the young guys (Greg Monroe) specifically and see what you have. Stop paying Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva obscene amounts of money to come off the bench. Also, move Rodney Stuckey to the 2 guard, he's not a point man and never will be. And you might also need another coach to get it done. This is no indictment of Kuester, I just don't think he's the right fit for this team. Officially blow this thing up instead of simply trying to retool. It's just not working.