Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chan Ho Park sues ex-teammate

A somewhat humorous story to the baseball offseason.Chan Ho Park has is suing his ex-teammate Chad Kreuter.Krueter hasn't paid off a $460,000 loan while the two were teammates with the Los Angeles Dodgers.This was a loan given to Kreuter in October of 2005 that was to be repaid within a year's time with interest.I know Kreuter has been out of baseball for awhile,but he shouldn't have to take out six figure loans from teammates.I know he's made a few million in his career.Also,he's had enough time to repay Park.Park is far from broke,but just pay the man his money.To this day Krueter has paid back $290,000 of the loan.Also Kreuter should know not to mess with another man's money.

Meyer does a double take.Just a leave of absence will do

The head Gator,Urban Meyer has decided that all he needs is a leave of absence to recharge his batteries and spend aome time with his family.I'm not gonna rant on him,but in some ways it was too good to be true.Meyer had a great job,in a good locale,with a team expected to contend for championships for years.Sometimes,someone just needs to take a time out and assess what's important in the short term to be able to last for the long haul.Since it was more because of health reasons,I wouldn't want to see him possibly lose his life and leave behind a grieving family because of football.Good for you Urban,and I'm also glad you chose to stick around so we don't have to hear the numerous Urban Meyer to fill in the blank school.