Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Phil Jackson ready to go back to work

Apparently former Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson has had enough of retirement. After nearly two seasons in retirement, Phil Jackson has become increasingly interested in working in the NBA next season, according to sources familiar with his thinking.

Jackson turned down the Brooklyn Nets coaching job earlier this and has said that he's finished coaching. That still won't keep teams that are interested in his services from asking. Jackson is reported to be interested in a front office job taking on a role similar to Pat Riley's in Miami or Larry Bird in Indiana.

Jackson has been mentioned for a front office job for the ownership group in Seattle attempting to buy the Sacramento Kings.    

The Nets provide the best opportunity to come in and have wide-ranging powers. GM Billy King has been Mikhail Prokhorov's man in the rebuild, but there's a way to give Jackson president powers while keeping King as the point man on deals. It would be interesting and innovative to see Jackson as part-time coach, full-time president, without having to do the actual negotiating. But if anyone's willing to make exceptions and put the money together for a part-time coaching position for Jackson so he doesn't have to travel with his health issues, it's the devil-may-spend-er Prokhorov.

Jackson has never held a front office or personnel position so that may be a deterrent in hiring a man with 11 championship rings to his credit

Bengals and James Harrison break off contract talks

Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker is still looking for a team. It looked like he would continue his AFC North tour with the Cincinnati Bengals but reports say that talks have broken down between the team and Harrison and the Bengals may go in another direction. The Bengals reportedly are interested in Karlos Dansby.

 Harrison was cut by the Baltimore Ravens before being picked up by the Steelers and making a name for himself. If he can't come to terms with the Benglas I don't see him staying in the division with the Cleveland Browns.

Harrison was asked by the Steelers to take a 30 percent pay cut but he refused. Even though Harrison is a five time Pro Bowler, he might have overestimated his value.

Rasheed Wallace announces his second retirement

Rasheed Wallace has decided to retire from the NBA once again. Wallace, who signed with the New York Knicks at the start of he season, returned from a foot injury Monday night against the Charlotte Bobcats and still felt sore.

He hasn't been able to recover from the injury suffered in December and wouldn't be healthy enough to join the in the upcoming playoffs. Wallace had played surprisingly well after a two year layoff and was a key part to the Knicks' strong start.

Coach Mike Woodson was hoping that Wallace would be ready to join the rotation for the playoffs.

"Rasheed has given this team everything he had," Knicks coach Mike Woodson said in a statement provided by the team. "He is a winner, true professional and leader on and off the court. Due to his injury, he will not be available to play for us during the playoffs."  

It's a damaging blow for the Knicks, who loaded up on veteran big men this season but have now lost two of them for good in Kurt Thomas and Wallace, and have gotten almost nothing from Marcus Camby. Also, Amare Stoudemire's status for the postseason is unclear as he recovers from right knee surgery. The Knicks added another big man Wednesday by signing Earl Barron.

Titus Young looking to play defense?

Former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young is a major headcase. After being jettisoned by the Detroit Lions and then the St. Louis Rams in a week's time, Young's  fledgling NFL career is on life support.

The former wide receiver sent an apologetic tweet to Detroit Lions fans Tuesday around 1 a.m. Then he deleted it.

That was weird, this might be stranger. The bio on his Twitter account says in part: “Looking to play defense #34 #21 #29 #22 any league.”

Have no idea what that could mean unless he thinks switching sides of the ball will revitalize his career. Good luck Titus because you were the one that sabotaged what looked like a promising career in your rookie season.