Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pontiac Silverdome sold.For $583,000?!

The Pontiac Silverdome was sold for the mere price of $583,000.A very small sum compared to how much it was built for($55.7M).There was a previous offer for $20 million that was turned down.The unknown investors from Toronto want to turn it into a stadium that would house a MLS soccer team.Me for one doesn't think it would work.
  Now me being a local,it doesn't have too much sentimental value to me.Well it was where I saw my first Detroit Pistons game and the Michigan Panthers of the defunct USFL had a great playoff run there in 1983.It was the home of the Detroit Lions, which during that time blessed us with Billy Sims, Barry Sanders and one playoff win.Oh, i almost forgot some sorry and mediocre but exciting Lions teams.Well I don't know how this venture will turn out,but for the lousy Michigan economy I hope it turns out well.


Just say no

Shannon Brown was emphatically denied by Jason Maxiell.

NBA is fantastic

This move is Jordan-nesque,but its straight out of a video game.


Larry Johnson gets a second chance

The Cincinnati Bengals are becoming a modern day Oakland Raiders.They seem to like giving players second chances.The Bengals have signed recently released running back Larry Johnson.Johnson was released by the Kansas City Chiefs for some inflammatory comments he made about the team last week and being suspended for the second time in 12 months.This is an insurance policy for the Bengals since Cedric Benson left last week's game with a strained hip against Pittsburgh.In my opinion,this could be good for the Bengals,especially if Benson can come back healthy.It would allow them to have two hammers in the backfield to wear down defenses. Johnson could possibly play this week against Oakland.This is the third player to get a second or in some cases third chance with the Bengals.Benson signed last year and has revitalized his career and owner Mike Brown brought back Chris Henry after numerous off field run ins with the law.   

In other news

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe was suspended by the NFL for violating the league's policy on performance enhancers.Bowe took a diuretic to lose weight during training camp.I don't see how that gives you an edge on an opponent.

The New Orleans Saints bolstered their depleted secondary by signing ex Baltimore Raven Chris McAlister.Injuries to Tracy Porter and Jabari Greer prompted the signing.This could be a good one for the Saints if McAlister can perform up to the pro bowl level he displayed in the past.


Royals' Zack Greinke wins AL Cy Young

Even though the Kansas City Royals had a bad season,they are now home to the newest Cy Young winner,Zack Greinke. Greinke,who went 16-8 and had a major league low 2.16 ERA. Greinke compiled 25 first place votes and a total of 134,to beat out second place finisher Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners and the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander.
  It's good to see someone rewarded for having a great season despite the way the team finishes.Greinke was Atruly deserving of the Cy Young for his near dominant performance all season.Much like Andre Dawson when he won the MVP award back in 1987 when he played for a last place Chicago Cubs team.Baseball is a team sport,but superior individual performances should be recognized,no matter where your team finishes.Its not a poularity contest and the best teams don't always have the players with the best performances.I just hope Greinke can stick around in Kansas City for a while,so maybe the once proud franchise can turn their fortunes around.

Preseason rankings don't mean jack

Last night the Kansas Jayhawks survived an upset bid by the Memphis Tigers,57-55.The Jayhawks are ranked number 1. Also the second ranked Michigan State Spartans had to come from behind to defeat the Gonzaga Bulldogs,75-71.Last week the 18th ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs weren't so lucky and were picked off by the Rider Broncs on their homecourt.And everyone has heard about Kentucky holding off Miami(OH).
  My point is,the preseason college rankings In basketball and football mean absolutely nothing.Its nice to see your name in the top 25 at the beginning of the year and gives the school and the students a sense of pride.It also means you get everyone's best shot.It can also bring out immaturity in teams, having them believe they can coast through games against lesser opponents.I've seen this happen many times,where a team is highly regarded,living off high school press clippings and believing they can out talent teams.Instead they get outplayed and outhustled.It may not be the best solution,but don't put out rankings until conference season.I know some may feel differently,but it would sort out the real contenders from the frauds of the world.