Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preseason rankings don't mean jack

Last night the Kansas Jayhawks survived an upset bid by the Memphis Tigers,57-55.The Jayhawks are ranked number 1. Also the second ranked Michigan State Spartans had to come from behind to defeat the Gonzaga Bulldogs,75-71.Last week the 18th ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs weren't so lucky and were picked off by the Rider Broncs on their homecourt.And everyone has heard about Kentucky holding off Miami(OH).
  My point is,the preseason college rankings In basketball and football mean absolutely nothing.Its nice to see your name in the top 25 at the beginning of the year and gives the school and the students a sense of pride.It also means you get everyone's best shot.It can also bring out immaturity in teams, having them believe they can coast through games against lesser opponents.I've seen this happen many times,where a team is highly regarded,living off high school press clippings and believing they can out talent teams.Instead they get outplayed and outhustled.It may not be the best solution,but don't put out rankings until conference season.I know some may feel differently,but it would sort out the real contenders from the frauds of the world. 

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