Saturday, January 8, 2011

Billups Wants No Part Of Deal

It's rumored that Chauncey Billups could be headed to the New Jersey Nets with Carmelo Anthony and possibly reunited with former teammate Richard Hamilton. Billups has no desire to leave Denver. He said that if he were to be traded he'd seek a contract buyout.

What a change of pace. In a world where most players are asking to be traded, Billups wants to retire in Denver. He knows it's a business and thought he would end his career with the Detroit Pistons. Billups is somewhat of a local legend in Denver. He grew up there, went to the University of Colorado, and now plays for the Nuggets. He would like to join the Nuggets' front office after his playing days are over. My take on it is grant the man his wish.

I know the Nuggets will soon be in rebuilding mode. But you couldn't have a more classy veteran to teach the youngsters in Billups. His wife was his high school sweetheart. He still has family in the area. His children are entrenched in the school system and does a lot of community work. That's the kind of player you want leading a rebuilding effort. Someone postive, that actually wants to be there. Someone that could show younger teammates the ropes instead of having a knucklehead factor on your team.

I know the Nuggets' front office wants to try and build for the future and get what they can in fair value for tradeable assets. They also need to have someone around to be a positive influence for younger teammates. They should know about having a team without solid leadership (the Allen Iverson days). That should be more the reason to keep Billups around. The Nuggets' window of oppurtunity is slammed shut. Get rid of Carmelo and cast an eye toward the future. Just keep the hometown legend.    

The Seahawks Showed The Experts

This wasn't supposed to happen. There was no way the Seattle Seahawks were supposed to be able to come within two scores of the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. You can put that all to rest. The Seahawks pulled the shocker of the playoffs (so far) beating the Saints 41-36.

Everyone complained and lampooned the Seahawks for winning the NFC West with a losing record. I said in a previous post, that you can hate them all you want but they won their division fair and square. They did what they had to do to get a home playoff game. They took care of business and it paid off for them. Now it's off to the divisional round to play Green Bay or Chicago. They could possibly get another home game out of this.

The NFL playoff system might not be the perfect setup, but it gives evryone a fair chance within the system. I don't necessarily agree with a team with a losing record getting a home game, but it is what it is. Like I said, they won the division which gets you a home game. That's all you have to do. Take care of business in the division and get rewarded for it. Unless you're the Raiders.      

Dumars Was Wise Not To Buy Into This Deal

In another episode of  'As The Melo Turns' , Carmelo Anthony's agent Leon Rose has been trying to drag the Detroit Pistons into the discussion.

Everyone knows Anthony wants out of Denver and is trying to get to the New York Knicks or the New Jersey Nets. Everyone knows that both the Knicks and Nets are desperately trying to get the deal done. Also everyone knows the Detroit Pistons want to get rid of Richard Hamilton  and their 2 year , $25 million they have committed to him for the next two years. That's where Rose comes in. Rose also represents Hamilton. Rose somehow talked Nets general manager Billy King into asking about Hamilton. The result was that New Jersey proposed sending Troy Murphy and his expiring deal and Johan Petro for Detroit's 2011 first round draft pick and Hamilton. Dumars shot that one down, not wanting to part with the draft pick.

Kudos to Dumars. When i first read that, I thought why would he want Petro. Murphy maybe but I wouldn't give up the pick either. Dumars' draft record isn't pretty, but he does know the art of the trade. Witness the Rasheed Wallace deal back in 2004 to get the Pistons over the hump. Or how he turned Mateen Cleaves and Rodney White into Jon Barry and a first round pick respectively. Dumars will trade Hamilton. Just because the Pistons are in a bad spot doesn't mean that Dumars will trade for the sake of trading. He'll wait for the right deal to come along and not give Hamilton away for a bobsled and a bag of basketballs.

Personally, I can't wait to see if the Pistons will be part of this deal or not. The rebuilding of the Pistons is overdue.

Odds Are Miles Stays At LSU

As I sat and watched the Cotton Bowl last night, I thought to myself Les Miles could've been at Michigan. I still believe ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit sabotaged that whole deal by announcing it before anything was a bonafide fact. With Michigan searching for another coach, I believe Miles will once again stay at LSU. I don't know why I feel that way I just think he will.

I would like to see him come here, although he does have the age factor working against him. Also you know there's some slimy business going on in the SEC. They're just like the old Southwest Conference. I have a strong feeling that Miles may have done some dirty dealing himself. Call me crazy, but I'd still welcome him here in Ann Arbor. Anyone that can make Jordan Jefferson look like a halfway viable quarterback, could make Denard Robinson look all world.

Michigan fans need to stop falling all over themselves for a "Michigan Man". I'm tired of hearing about having to hire someone that can "unite the fan base". Listen, all it takes are more wins. Damn everything else. You guys (Michigan Elitists), should get behind whoever is named coach and hope for the best. Whether it's Brady Hoke or someone else. I know there a loots that aren't thrilled with the prospect of Hoke being named coach. That may be the best you can do. I have a suggestion for Athletic Director David Brandon. Take $5 millon, throw it around, shoot for the moon and work your way down. He's a businessman and he should understand that money talks. Otherwise, bring on the Hoke! Because Les Miles ain't coming and I'd be surprised if he does.