Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odds Are Miles Stays At LSU

As I sat and watched the Cotton Bowl last night, I thought to myself Les Miles could've been at Michigan. I still believe ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit sabotaged that whole deal by announcing it before anything was a bonafide fact. With Michigan searching for another coach, I believe Miles will once again stay at LSU. I don't know why I feel that way I just think he will.

I would like to see him come here, although he does have the age factor working against him. Also you know there's some slimy business going on in the SEC. They're just like the old Southwest Conference. I have a strong feeling that Miles may have done some dirty dealing himself. Call me crazy, but I'd still welcome him here in Ann Arbor. Anyone that can make Jordan Jefferson look like a halfway viable quarterback, could make Denard Robinson look all world.

Michigan fans need to stop falling all over themselves for a "Michigan Man". I'm tired of hearing about having to hire someone that can "unite the fan base". Listen, all it takes are more wins. Damn everything else. You guys (Michigan Elitists), should get behind whoever is named coach and hope for the best. Whether it's Brady Hoke or someone else. I know there a loots that aren't thrilled with the prospect of Hoke being named coach. That may be the best you can do. I have a suggestion for Athletic Director David Brandon. Take $5 millon, throw it around, shoot for the moon and work your way down. He's a businessman and he should understand that money talks. Otherwise, bring on the Hoke! Because Les Miles ain't coming and I'd be surprised if he does. 

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