Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rubio would take Pau Gasol on his team

Minnesota Timberwolves guard, Ricky Rubio is standing up for Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol. Rubio doesn't think it's right that Gasol is being brought off the bench and playing limited fourth quarter minutes in some games. Rubio or Gasol don't think it's right that Earl Clark has been starting in his place.

Gasol has also been the subject of trade rumors the past two years and Rubio would gladly take him on his  Timberwolves squad if the Lakers don't want him.

 "He proved to the league he is one of the best," Rubio said. "He can pass. He can shoot. He can rebound. He can do a lot of things. I think if you use him in the right way he is a top player in this league. If they don't want him, we are more than welcome to get him."

"It's been the last two years that it seems like they don't want him, but actually they need him," Rubio said. "He's a great player. He can do a lot of things and he had some issues with the knees, too. It's been a lot of years without resting for him. But he's a veteran. He knows how to play."

Even though Gasol is having a tough year, the Timberwolves would have to give up something of significant value (Kevin Love) to get Gasol. Minnesota has been mentioned as a possible trade partner, but I don't see it happening. No matter how much Rubio wants his fellow countryman on his team.

Gasol has said that he wants to remain a Laker, but he must swallow his pride and just play ball. Maybe if he focused on that and blocked out his distractions, he and the Lakers can turn their season around.

Herman Edwards says Titans should cut Kenny Britt

The Tennessee Titans must really be desperate for receivers. The team currently employs Nate Washington and Kendall Wright and the troubled Kenny Britt. A corps to build on, but Britt shouldn't be there.

Britt has had nine brushes with the law since being drafted by the Titans in the first round in 2009. That would include his latest where he took a friend, who had been stabbed to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Britt refused to cooperate with the police after the incident.

Former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst, Herman Edwards told 102.5 The Game's Darren McFarland that Britt has become a distraction for the Titans and needs to be cut.

“What players don't realize is this: It's not so much your problem, it becomes the locker room's problem. Because the media come in and say, 'what do you think about Kenny Britt?' You don't even want to talk about Kenny Britt. You've got your own issues as a player. I'm trying to get ready for the Saints, and you want to talk about Kenny Britt?” Edward said. “So now you become the guy. And I always tell players, don't be that guy where all of a sudden what you're doing off the field is more important than our preparation for the week.

“So the Titans, in my opinion are gonna have to make a decision of what's best for the organization and that might even help Kenny Britt. Kenny Britt needs to be cut. When you get cut, and you can't play anymore, it's amazing because you go, 'They cut me?' Yeah, they cut you. And sometimes you have to do that not only for the sake of the team, but also for the sake of the player.”

I agree with Edwards on his take. Britt and the Titans need to part ways. But if the Titans are willing to put up with Britt's immaturity off the field, so be it. Somehow the team will pay the price for keeping him around. I guess when a team is devoid of playmakers, they'll keep you around, even if you're constantly in trouble.