Friday, December 4, 2009

You too can be a champion

College basketball is getting a lot like college football.You ask how.I'll tell you.The College Basketball Invitational and the tournament.Those are for the tournaments for teams that didn't make the NCAA or NIT.Its almost like an oversaturation of the college basketball postseason.The organizers of both tournaments say they do it more for the mid majors that were shut out of the NCAA or NIT.I personally think it's a bunch of bull.Hardly anyone knows either of these tournaments exist.Also if you have a losing record you can get a postseason experience via the CBI or CIT.So teams are now rewarded for finishing with a 15-16 record and possibly end it with a championship.I can understand trying to get some of the lesser knowns more exposure,but it seems more of a sham trying to squeeze more dollars out of college basketball fans.I love college basketball,but i won't be checking for that New Orleans/Idaho St. matchup come March.

The Hot Seat Vol.2

The college basketball season is barely two weeks old and one hot seat candidate has been given his walking papers.Dereck Whittenburg,formerly head coach of the Fordham Rams was fired yesterday after a 1-4 start.Fordham is not exactly a basketball factory and whoever gets the unenviable task of taking over this job will have a helluva time getting this program on the winning track.

Of course there are more coaches that need to make progress or face being unemployed.

Sidney Lowe,North Carolina State-Lowe's lifetime pass from 1983 is close to expiring.Being in a conference with traditonal heayweights like Duke and North Carolina makes it tougher for him to temper expectations in Raleigh.The best team he had on paper two years ago,failed to live up to the hype and the 15-33 record in ACC play doesn't help his cause.I think he needs at least an NIT appearance to keep his job.

Matt Doherty,SMU-SMU isn't a place where basketball is the number one option around there.I think it would be unwise to fire Doherty,but losing is making it easier for administrators to state their case against him.Being in Dallas I would think he would be able to get some decent talent there.I don't watch very much SMU basketball,so maybe they do have some talent that has yet to come around.If that's true will Doherty be around to coach it.

Tom Penders,Houston-He's not on any hot seat lists and this may be a surprise to many.Penders has had a few teams that should have made the Big Dance,but somehow managed to blow winnable late season games.This once proud program hasn't been there since the 1990's(can't remember which year it was) and I can imagine the big wigs in Cougar country are itching to get back there.I know all the better recruits in the state aren't going there,but he should be able to land a few of them.The juco's and lesser knowns just aren't getting it done.In my opinion they should be on par with with Memphis,well not exactly,but a least a notch below with all the talent coming out of the state of Texas.I don't know if he's not recruiting them or turned off the area coaches or what,but he needs a tournament appearance this year or he could be out.