Friday, December 4, 2009

You too can be a champion

College basketball is getting a lot like college football.You ask how.I'll tell you.The College Basketball Invitational and the tournament.Those are for the tournaments for teams that didn't make the NCAA or NIT.Its almost like an oversaturation of the college basketball postseason.The organizers of both tournaments say they do it more for the mid majors that were shut out of the NCAA or NIT.I personally think it's a bunch of bull.Hardly anyone knows either of these tournaments exist.Also if you have a losing record you can get a postseason experience via the CBI or CIT.So teams are now rewarded for finishing with a 15-16 record and possibly end it with a championship.I can understand trying to get some of the lesser knowns more exposure,but it seems more of a sham trying to squeeze more dollars out of college basketball fans.I love college basketball,but i won't be checking for that New Orleans/Idaho St. matchup come March.

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