Friday, February 11, 2011

The Angry Mailman

Karl Malone says that Jerry Sloan would never quit anything. I believe that because Sloan was a tough, old man. Malone said the only thing Sloan was tired of was the garbage that came with the job.

I was caught way off guard when I heard that Sloan was resigning. He had been in Utah for 23 years and showed no signs of quitting. He was tough and he was old school. I believe his old school ways clashed with his new school players, specifically point guard Deron Williams. Williams says he didn't run Sloan out of town, which I do believe. I also think his attitude might've grated on Sloan so much that he just flat out got tired of it.

Malone says he will honor Sloan's legacy by becoming a coach himself. For some reason I don't see Malone as the coaching type but you never know. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Isiah Thomas all coached at one point.  

Mr. Smith Goes To The Hall Of Fame

New York Jets wide reciever Brad Smith will be one of six inductees into the University of Missouri Athletics Hall of Fame. Not to knock Smith's athletic endeavors, but this will be the only Hall of Fame he'll get to. Nonetheless, it's a remarkable acheivment for Smith, who'll do plenty more athletically than I'll ever do.

Smith had a very good career as a quarterback for Missouri. He broke 69 school, Big 12 and NCAA records while leading the Tigers. Smith was also the first quarterback in Division I-A to throw for more than 8,000 yards and run for more than 4,000 yards and finished his career fourth in total offense with 13,088 yards. He also won a Heisman and a national championship for me on the Playstation. I just had to throw that in there because he was unstoppable in that game.

I hate the fact that Smith never got a shot at quarterback in the NFL. But he has a career, so I don't feel too bad for him.