Wednesday, June 15, 2011

University Of Detroit To Name Court After Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale is known so much for his candor during college basketball games on ESPN it's hard to remember that he was actually a coach before going into broadcasting. 
The University of Detroit remembered and are now naming their court at Calihan Hall after him.

Vitale coached at Detroit from 1973-1977 and also served as the athletic director before taking the coaching reins of the Detroit Pistons. Those were the Titans' glory years as Vitale has the highest winning percentage (78-30,.722) at Uof D. He led them to the NCAA tournament back when it was much harder to get in. Back then he had the likes of NBA standouts John Long, Terry Duerod, Terry Tyler, and Earl Cureton.

The court will be dedicated during Detroit's home game against St. John's on ESPN2 on December 5, 2011, which also will be his 32nd year calling college games for ESPN and the date of his first broacast (Wisconsin vs. DePaul).

The ever enthusiastic Vitale was grateful for the honor.

"When (athletic director) Keri (Gaither) called me and told me they were going to name the court after me at Calihan Hall, I was absolutely taken," Vitale said. "I can't tell you how much this means to me. It should be a special, special moment. It will probably move me to tears. To all the people that made this happen, you're awesome, baby!"

Congratulations Dick! Hopefully you won't be at a loss for words during the ceremony.


NFL Players Deny Involvement With XXX Event

When it comes to events of the "extracurricular" variety, sports figures always seem to get involved. No matter if it's at a strip club or a rapper's ball, they'll be there. The players always talk about it and take scores of pictures. Remember that's what got Marvin Austin and company suspended from North Carolina.   

All that leads to this. A handful of NFL players have denied involvement with an event after their names and images were used to advertise it. The event they claim to have no involvement with: Exxxotica Expo.

Now I don't know if this violates any rule in the NFL code of conduct but I'm sure team officials from the repective teams the players will be playing for aren't too happy about it. One of the players, Chicago Bears safety Major Wright   is the most identifiable player in the ad and was very upset with what went down.

"I authorized my name and likeness to be used in conjunction with other NFL players at a party which (was) to be hosted by other NFL players," he said in a statement. "I had no knowledge and never would have given authority for my name or likeness to be associated with Erotica Expo 2011. I am deeply disappointed that my name and likeness was manipulated by the promoters of this event. The use of my picture in a Chicago Bear uniform was never discussed or approved.

"It is unfortunate that this incident has occurred and I would like to let the Bears organization, our fans, my teammates, family and friends know that I am truly sorry. I have learned a valuable lesson and will use more prudent judgment with people I associate myself with in the future."

The next Exxxotica Expo opens in Rosemont, Ill., July 8, and Wright said on Twitter he is not promoting that event.

"FYI... I have NOTHING to do with the Exotic Expo @ the Rosemont!" Wright tweeted.

Wright, along with Corey Liuget (San Diego Chargers), Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs), Jacoby Ford (Oakland Raiders), Kareem Jackson (Houston Texans) and Daniel Thomas (Miami Dolphins) were also shown on the ad in their team uniforms. Liuget and Thomas are both rookies.

Every player said they didn't know what that their names and likenesses would be invloved with advertising the Exxxotica Expo.

Jackson released a statement apologizing for not being aware for what he was signing up for.

“I wanted to clarify an event that took place on May 20th at Club Play in Florida. I authorized my name to be used at that club with the understanding that it was going to be a party hosted by NFL Players. It was never explained to me or did I ever authorize my name or likeness to be associated with Exxxotica Expo 2011. I am appalled that my name and likeness were used in that capacity. In addition, I never authorized the use of my likeness or picture in my NFL uniform. I apologize to the Houston Texans, their fans and family if I caused any embarrassment. I am sincerely sorry.”

If you check a Brandon Flowers tweet  (click here) it tells a different story.

I think the aforementioned planned to attend but when their images were used in an ad they wanted to sever any ties with the event whatsoever.