Friday, May 3, 2013

Ansah's 3-D glasses get him free IMAX movies

Detroit Lions number one draft pick Ziggy Ansah wore some hideous 3-D glasses to the NFL Draft. But despite the goofy look the glasses have already paid off for Ansah.

 The glasses, which Ansah told reporters he acquired when he went to see "Thor," are just part of the Ghana native's unique identity and sense of humor. 

The joke, which was a dare from friends at BYU, is about to pay off in a unique way for Ansah. It turns out IMAX caught wind of the fashion statement and have offered a gift in appreciation.

Ansah will get to view all IMAX 3-D movies for free for a year.

A letter to Ansah from IMAX executive vice president Brian Bonnick reads:

"We, at IMAX, couldn't help but notice your keen sense of style at the NFL draft his year. You made quite a fashion statement with your pair of 3D glasses. As a member of the Detroit Lions, you share our love for the color blue and we would like to add an IMAX silver lining for you -- we would love to celebrate your first year in the NFL with the opportunity to see all IMAX 3D movies on us for the next year.

If that's the case maybe I'll wear those goofy glasses year round so I can score me some free movies.  Lord knows they're costly.

Lions fans should hope they have a lot of football instructional videos in them there IMAX theaters.