Monday, July 9, 2012

Greg Monroe isn't happy with USA Basketball

Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe didn't expect to make the 2012 Olympic basketball team. At the very least he expected USA Basketball to pick him for the select team. You know, the team that practices against the national team. After taking a look at the roster and who's on the team, it left Monroe a little steamed that he wasn't selected by USA Basketball and will use that slight as motivation for the upcoming season.

The select team features the likes of the New Orleans Hornets Lance Thomas, Boston Celtics center Greg Stiemsma and San Antonio's DeJuan Blair. All players that Monroe sees himself better than.

"No disrespect to those guys, looking at the Select Team roster, I felt like I should've been on there," Monroe said. "That's just the confidence I have in myself."

"I am just a little bit disappointed," Monroe said. "I think, (although) some people don't think so, I should've at least been invited. All of those guys deserved it."

Monroe has played on a worse team than some of the players on the roster which overshadows his on court production. His career is trending upward and he is one of the building blocks on a young Pistons team. But the fact that he does play for the Pistons has clouded the selection process.

Monroe says he isn't bothered by the slight but says he won't forget this and plans to help improve his team.

"But I'm past that, I'm happy to be here with my teammates," Monroe said of the Pistons. "I'm not dwelling on it. We have things to do here (in Detroit)."

"Always," Monroe said. "It always will. I don't forget anything. Anything. I remember what people said in high school. It's always motivation."

Hopefully the Pistons can be the beneficiaries of Monroe's added motivation.