Thursday, February 28, 2013

Barret Robbins doesn't remember Super Bowl XXXVII

Former Oakland Raiders receiver Tim Brown called out his former coach Bill Callahan for allegedly sabotaging the Raiders in their Super Bowl blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

When he made those allegations Brown mentioned that Callahan changed the game plan and center Barret Robbins begged Callahan not to change it.

"Barret Robbins begged Coach Callahan, 'Do not do this to me. I don't have time to make my calls, to get my calls ready. You can't do this to me on a Friday,'" Brown said. 

Every former Raider teammate this side of Jerry Rice that has spoken out on this subject says that Brown's allegations are a bunch of bull. Robbins had something to say about it. He said he has no memory of Super Bowl XXXVII. Anyone in the know remembers that Robbins disappeared in Tijuana two days before the Super Bowl.

During an interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Robbins said he has no recollection of the events that took place.

“I would be absolutely wrong to tell you that that was the case,” Robbins said during an interview with Sports Radio 610. “If Tim Brown goes on record and says that he changed the game plan on Friday, I don't remember. Because you've got to understand, I was going through a manic episode that had lasted more than two weeks. At that point in time, when we went to the Super Bowl, I was having to shoot my foot up, I was having acupuncture, going through a lot of pain. It was a lot of stress. Pain is a big trigger when it comes to bipolar (disorder) -- that was something I was going through, as well as self-medicating.”

“I'm not going to say that I remember the exact meeting that took place, but I haven't heard anybody deny it,” Robbins said.

I'm no psychiatrist but that pretty much explains why he was in Tijuana on a bender before the game and was unable to play.

What I remember is that Tampa Bay's defense pretty much knew what the Raiders offense was going to throw at them all game and it resulted in Rich Gannon probably having the worse game of  his life.

Hopefully this will be the end of this particular story.

Rays' Evan Longoria opening a restaurant

Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria has entered the restaurant business. Longoria is a part owner/investor in Ducky's Sports Lounge in South Tampa.

Located just west of downtown (1719 W. Kennedy Boulevard), the 5,700-square-foot boutique sports lounge will be the only restaurant in South Tampa to feature four lanes of mini bowling – a smaller, simpler form of the sport that does not require special shoes, uses a smaller ball, and incorporates two, 80-inch high-definition projection screens in the middle of each lane for optimal game viewing.

“Ducky’s will have a little something for everyone – mini bowling for friends and families, a convenient happy hour spot for the downtown crowd and an incredible game-watching venue for sports fans,” said Keith Goan, one of Ducky’s owners. “It’s exciting to be a part of the current wave of development along Kennedy Boulevard and to bring this unique concept to the area.”

Hopefully this will be a sound investment for Longoria, since there have been many stories of professional athletes making bad financial decisions and going broke. Also, for Longoria's sake, this place doesn't end up on Bar Rescue or Kitchen Nightmares.

Giants' Ramses Barden feels it's best to move on

There comes a time in someone's career where it's best for a team and a player to part ways. It's happened with the Detroit Lions and Titus Young, but that was a situation where the Lions had no choice but to cut him loose. New York Giants receiver Ramses Barden feels that he needs to move on and get a fresh start in his career.

The Giants drafted the Cal Poly product in the third round of the NFL draft in 2009. He was thought of as a sleeper pick. Barden has good size (6-6) and decent speed, but it never translated to success on the field. He had a few moments (caught nine passes for 138 yards in a win over Carolina), but not enough for the Giants to make him a priority in free agency. Barden knows it's time to find an opportunity elsewhere.

“I’m really seriously kind of excited for the offseason, because as much fun as I’ve had in New York — and yeah, I’m comfortable there — it’s probably best for me to start looking other places for a new system, for a refreshed sense of welcoming,” Barden said. “I think everybody can benefit from newness in their lives. This is going to be one of those for me.”

Maybe Barden will go somewhere and finally breakthrough. The potential is there and maybe he just didn't fit the Giants' system. He did get stuck behind some good receivers (Nicks, Rueben Randle, Victor Cruz). Maybe he goes somewhere and gets a sufficient amount of playing time to prove himself.

If it doesn't work out for him then it never will.

Monday, February 25, 2013

"It" girl of the week: Jenna Webb

The Just Sports & Just Us "It girl" of the week is Jenna Webb

Missouri's Sheldon Richardson believes he should be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft

Missouri's Sheldon Richardson is best known for his statement about Georgia playing "old man football". He later apologized to Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt after his Tigers were whacked by the Bulldogs.

Richardson doesn't lack confidence and speaks his mind whether it's right or wrong. There's nothing wrong with being confident but it'll set you up for a letdown if you're not careful.

The outspoken Richardson sounds cocky and confident as ever going into the NFL Draft. Richardson proclaimed himself the best player in the draft and that he should be the number one pick.

“I see myself as the top pick, not a top-10 pick,” Richardson said Saturday at the NFL Combine. “I didn’t come into this draft to be second to anyone. If they see what they like — they’re going to get a (heck) of a ballplayer.”

Richardson should be a top 20 pick in the draft, but he'll be in for a rude awakening on draft day when hee isn't selected number one. The way he runs his mouth could have him slide down to the second round because you know NFL suits don't like players that run their mouth before they've proven anything on the highest level.

Richardson should learn to zip it before it costs him a few million dollars.

Damon hoping the Yankees give him a call

With Curtis Granderson out for 10 weeks with a broken forearm the New York Yankees are exploring options for a replacement until Granderson is back in action.

One of the options probably won't be the well traveled Johnny Damon who looks like he's trying to hang on in the majors.

Damon has shown interest in coming back to the Yankees and is hoping to get a call from the team. But he is a realist and knows that the Yankees won't 'reach out' to him.

“I don’t think it will,” Damon told The Post tonight. “They’ve had plenty of opportunities since 2009 and it hasn’t happened. But if they call, I’m ready to go.”

“I would play for the minimum [$490,000 per year, prorated] for six weeks,” he said. “If Granderson, returns I would leave. If there’s no room for me, I am gone.”

Last year Damon played in 64 games with the Cleveland Indians but was released after compiling a meager .222 batting average.

Damon believes going back to New York would help invigorate his game.

I don't believe that anything will help Damon right now. He needs to hang it up and call it a career.  

Seattle city officials making NBA dates for Key Arena

The sale of the Sacramento Kings to a Seattle investment group hasn't been approved, but it hasn't stopped Seattle city officials from tentatively scheduling home games at Key Arena for the 2013-2014 season.

Seattle officials are penciling tentative dates for the SuperSonics to play at KeyArena in the 2013-14 National Basketball Association season.

That scheduling includes working in dates for current tenants at Key, including the Seattle Storm and the Seattle University Redhawks. It also depends on the NBA Board of Governors voting to approve a sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Seattle investment group headed by investor Chris Hansen and to move the team to Seattle. Both decisions could come at the Board of Governors meeting April 18.

The Seattle City Council received a briefing this morning on plans to build a new half-billion-dollar arena in Sodo and prepare the Sonics former home at Key for up to three seasons starting in November.

The owners of the Kings, Joe and Gavin Maloof have flirted with the idea of moving the Kings since the city hasn't come to a deal to finance a new arena. The sale to Hansen's group is nearly a done deal and barring an eleventh hour miracle it looks like Seattle will have their Supersonics back.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Howard says his poor conditioning led to losses

Dwight Howard hasn't been a big hit with the Los Angeles Lakers so far. The team has been in disarray for most of the year and hasn't clicked at all. The Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs and Kobe Bryant isn't happy with the losing.

Being new in town, Howard has received his fair share of blame. Howard has now accepted some of the responsibility for the Lakers poor season. Howard told Ramona Shelbourne of that his lack of conditioning costs the Lakers some games this season.

"You've got to have energy and I want to bring that energy every night," Howard said in a revealing interview Saturday afternoon. "That's my job. They count on me to be that guy. I just know how much more effective I will be when I'm in better shape. And, unfortunately, it's cost us a lot of games."

"I knew that would be a process. The better shape I'm in, the more active I can be and the more I'm able to do on the floor," he said. "But it was a struggle at first because I just didn't have it in the tank, especially on defense."

That can't sit well with Braynt. He made a big deal out of Shaquille O'Neal delaying surgery on his toe and being out of shape when he came to camp.

It's true that Dwight has had back surgery and didn't have a full training camp/preseason to get ready but his poor attitude hasn't helped the team either.

As much as I liked the trade of Howard to the Lakers,I said he was too big of a goof to mesh well with Bryant who takes this game ultra serious.  

I'll give Howard some credit for taking some of the blame for the Lakers' woes and not pointing fingers elsewhere.

Collins says Bynum not close to playing

Philadelphia 76ers big man Andrew Bynum has been missing all season long. It's due to injury so it's not like he's been underachieving all season. Bynum says he plans on returning this season, but head coach Doug Collins says Bynum's not close to playing at all.

After Bynum practiced with the team Friday, Collins wasn't thrilled about the possibility of Bynum coming back and concluded that this has been a lost season.

"He looked like a guy who hadn't played in nine months," Collins said. "I don't think any bells and whistles should be sent off that he's close to playing."

"It's amazing seeing him standing out there; he distorted the whole practice," Collins said. "You get visions of what might've been ... He's said that he's going to play, but this season is slipping away. We've got 24 games after (this weekend). We're eight (games) under .500, and we've got to play the Miami Heat four times."

It almost sounds as if Collins is throwing in the towel for this season.

The Sixers are battling for the eighth spot in the eastern Conference but are in danger of missing the playoffs. It would've helped if they had a healthy Bynum all season. Even for half a season. But right now Bynum might be better served just sitting out the rest of this season and trying to come back strong next year.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Collin Klein wants to be an NFL quarterback

Kansas State's Collin Klein had an amazing two year run as a starting quarterback for the Wildcats. He led the program back to respectability and was Heisman Trophy finalist.

However, Klein is now heading to the NFL and plans on showcasing his skills at the league's combine. But he only wants to play quarterback. This was reported after Klein was asked to work out with the tight ends.

Klein's agent, Peter Schaffer says that Klein wants to focus on being a quarterback.

 "Collin is excited to work out at the combine as a quarterback to demonstrate to the powers that be he is an NFL quarterback," Schaffer told the The Denver Post on Friday.

Klein added that he will exhaust every possibility until he can't play quarterback.

"I want to pursue every door that I possibly can to play quarterback, and until everyone one of those is closed, I'm not really considering anything else," he said.

Good luck in Canada Mr. Klein, because no one in the NFL will draft you as a quarterback. I'm not trying to be cynical but it's true. He has too many questions about his delivery and accuracy to be an NFL quarterback. Klein should ask former Heisman winners Eric Crouch or Tim Tebow how their careers are since they wanted a shot a being a quarterback.

Klein should be thinking of other opportunities instead of locking in on his college position. It just isn't going to work out at quarterback for him.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

David Price recants his opinion on Yankees comments

Yesterday Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price said that he wouldn't stay with the New York Yankees if he was traded there because of the team's policy regarding facial hair.

Today Price backtracked on his statements and called the Yankees the best organization in sports.

When people get critical of you over a statement always recant your story and translate it to the masses.

“It probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t mean anything by it,” Price said. “I wasn’t looking to offend the Yankees. It’s probably the best organization in all of sports. Not just baseball, but all of sports. I didn’t mean anything (against) the New York Yankees. I’ve had friends on that team for multiple years.”

“I can’t rule out anybody because, obviously, what they do for the game of baseball is just tremendous,” Price said of the Yankees. “I was talking about Joe (Maddon). I was talking about the way we do everything over here, how he lets us be comfortable in our own skin. And that’s what I was referring to.”

Of course Price wouldn't want to rule out the Yankees because they're the team that will probably throw the most money at him. But I still believe that Price is a different cat and may not want to sign because of money.  Personally I would like to see him remain in Tampa.

Knicks sign Kenyon Martin to a 10 day contract

Once again Kenyon Martin is on the move to another contender for the stretch run. Martin signed a 10 day contract with the New York Knicks. Last season Martin signed with the Los Angeles Clippers to provide depth up front.

Martin will take Ronnie Brewer's spot on the roster after he was traded earlier today.

Martin will be a welcome addition in the frontcourt, especially with the injuries to Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby. It also provides the Knicks with a veteran presence. The move also reunites Martin with former teammates Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Chauncey Billups, Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd.

The move isn't permanent since it's only a 10 day contract. So if this blows up on the Knicks they can get rid of him with a minimal loss.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rays' David Price says he wouldn't sign with the Yankees over facial hair policy

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher, David Price, will be a free agent in 2016. The Rays can trade Price at any time before they lose him for nothing. I'm not knocking the way the Rays operate, but Price could be gone sooner than later unless the Rays make a World Series run.

There is one team that Price wouldn't want to go to. The New York Yankees.

Price told Fox Sports reporter Jon Paul Morosi, that if and when he does hit free agency there are teams that he wouldn't sign with because of certain rules and policies. The Yankees have a no facial hair policy and that doesn't go over well with Price. Price sports a beard and doesn't plan on getting rid of it.

“It’s a joke to me, that I had less rules in college than I would on some major league teams. That’s not my style, man. I couldn’t do it on some of these teams I hear about. I couldn’t do it. I’m a grown man.”

 “If I ever did hit that free-agent market, there would be teams I wouldn’t sign with simply because of the stuff that I’ve heard – every rule they have. Being here since 2007, being treated like a grownup, given that respect and freedom and space – it grows on you.”

“I wouldn’t stay there (New York) very long then,” he responded. “I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.”     

We all know money talks and current Yankee C.C. Sabathia said that he didn't want to play in New York until the Brinks truck rolled in. Price may simply be a different cat. He just likes to play the game and hopes to compete for championships.

There will be plenty of where will Price go to rumors over the next 2-3 years, but as a fan i hope he stays in Tampa.

Asante Samuel tells Wes Welker to chase the money

Asante Samuel left the New England Patriots because he knew he wasn't going to make top dollar there based on the Patriots' track record of resigning/signing free agents. So he went to the Philadelphia Eagles and got paid.

Former teammate Wes Welker was critical of Samuel's decision to chase money over championships. Now Welker is a free agent and Samuel has some advice for Welker. Take the money and run.

In an interview on Fox Sports Radio, Samuel said that Welker would be wise to take the best offer he can get if the Patriots don't give him the money.

“He made the comment when I left, I chased the money and not the championship. So here’s my advice to you, Welker: You better chase the money, brother,” Samuel said.

As an NFL player Welker should explore his options to see how much he's worth on the open market. Someone will be willing to overpay for him based on his production. As good as Welker has performed, I do believe he's a product of the Patriots system. Don't believe me, ask Deion Branch how well he did after leaving New England.

NFL players have short careers so Welker might want to get paid while he can. But he might be the best fit in New England's offense than going elsewhere.

'It girl' of the week: Esther Baxter

The "It Girl" of the week is Esther Baxter

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kobe Bryant passed on a trade to join the Pistons in 2007

According to a report by’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Kobe Bryant was very close to becoming a Detroit Piston back in 2007.

At the time the Los Angeles Lakers were a mess and Kobe was on one of his get me out of here rants. The late Jerry Buss had a meeting with Bryant at Buss' home and was informed that a deal was on the table.

Bryant would have had to waive his no trade clause and Detroit wasn't on his list of destinations. The reported deal would've had Tayshaun Prince, Amir Johnson, Richard Hamilton, and a first round pick going to Los Angeles for Bryant. The Pistons denied the rumors at the time.

Bryant says that he wouldn't have left the Lakers for anywhere.

“It hit me that I didn’t really want to walk out on Dr. Buss,” Bryant said Monday, adding it probably wouldn’t have mattered if it was Chicago, Dallas or New York either.  

It would've been interesting, but I don't think Bryant would've stayed in Detroit too long. Not a knock on the city, but I just couldn't see Bryant meshing well with what the team had at the time. Also what would have Bryant done once he hit free agency?

We can play the 'what if' game with that scenario.  

Oakley says LeBron can do more than Jordan

Former NBA enforcer, Charles Oakley, hasn't been the biggest fan of today's NBA. He'll blast it any chance he gets. Oakley isn't afraid to speak his mind on anything regarding the NBA. But there's one thing he has done. He's changed his tune on how he views LeBron James. This comes on the heels of the Michael Jordan/James debate where Jordan questioned whether James would be successful in the era that he played in.

Back in 2011, Oakley was critical of James. Not as a player, but his a few aspects of his game.

"I wouldn't put [James and Jordan] in the same conversation."

"It took a while for Michael to win championships too, but they have a different swagger, a different demeanor. If I would compare anybody to Michael Jordan, it would be Kobe Bryant. Point blank. I know LeBron well; he don't have what Michael have so I'm not even gonna discuss that one." 

"To be a superstar [LeBron] has to go back to his fundamentals… work on his post game, work off the ball."

Oakley never said he didn't like the guy, he just said he needed to work on a few things to reach a higher level, if that's possible. If you look at James' game now, you see that he worked on a few things and it resulted in a championship. Oakley has taken notice of the changes in King James' game and went on to say that James can do more on the court than the great Michael Jordan.

“I appreciate him as a person, a mindset out on the court to perfect the game,” Oakley said of James. “Everybody’s criticizing him about this, about that, and he lets his game get better every year, and he got smarter every year, no matter what no one said. He let his game grow with him. The man is the best player, ain’t never gonna be a player like that. He’s going to go down as a top three player in the history of basketball.”

“He might not have had a lot of big numbers, but he would have made it,” Oakley said. “If you can get 26 (points) instead of 27, it’s the same thing. But he’s a guy you want to play with, no matter level what he played. If he played 40 years ago, he understands basketball. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve seen in this game, probably go down as one of the smartest guys. He dictates offense, defense, he can do it all.”

“It’s a different debate,” Oakley said. “I ask everybody, who’s the best between Magic and LeBron? Everyone says Michael’s greatest. But, OK, well, we’ll give him his props. But LeBron is a better athlete, and he can do more than Michael on the basketball court. Michael is finisher, a great shooter, and it is what it is.”

Say what you will, but it's difficult to argue Oakley's point. James is too multi skilled to not have been a successful player in yesteryear's game. He might not have dominated like he does now, but who in the league had James' skill set with his kind of size and strength. Not many that I can think of right off the top of my head.

I'm not going to get into the Jordan/LeBron debate. They're both great players that played in different eras. You can't really compare the two. But to most, in order to get into Jordan' stratosphere, James will need to win some more championships. Until then most will not put James in Jordan's class.  

Jazz assistant Sidney Lowe arrested for not paying taxes

Current Utah Jazz assistant coach and former North Carolina State basketball coach Sidney Lowe was arrested for failing to pay North Carolina state taxes in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Lowe, who coached the Wolfpack from 2006-2011, is currently an assistant coach with the NBA's Utah Jazz. At the time of his departure from State, he was making $500,000 per year.

The 53-year-old Lowe faces three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file a North Caroline Individual Income Tax Return and was placed under a $10,000 unsecured bond. A court appearance was scheduled for March 19.

Even though I don't agree with having to pay taxes, it's best to just pay them. The government doesn't mess around when it comes to not paying their money. Just ask Wesley Snipes or any rapper that decided that it wasn't a good idea to report their income.

The Jazz organization has no comment on the matter and are fully aware of Lowe's arrest. More than likely he'll find his way out of this mess and will be back with the team.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chris Paul says Clippers still don't own L.A.

Despite having a better record than their Staples Center neighbors (Los Angeles Lakers), clinching the season series for the first time in 20 years and handing them a 24 point beatdown before the All-Star break, Los Angeles Clippers point guard, Chris Paul still isn't convinced.

The Clippers have been the talk of the NBA for most of the season but Paul won't have none of it. Especially when it comes to talk about being the kings of L.A. He won't buy into the hype.

"We have definitely not taken over the (Los Angeles) Lakers' popularity in L.A. And I don't see that happening anytime soon," point guard Chris Paul said Friday in Houston. "It is what it is. At the end of the day it's all about winning ballgames. And that's what we're trying to do."

It sounds like Paul is more concerned with the bigger picture of trying to get the Clippers into uncharted waters rather than being the talk of the town. The NBA isn't a popularity contest to Paul. He wants to win big. But I'm sure that Paul and his teammates are relishing the fact that they are looking down at the Lakers in the standings, but they'll all say the right things when asked about it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'It girl' of the week: Mya Jane

The Just Sports & Just Us 'It Girl' of the week is Mya Jane

Arian Foster to appear on Hawaii Five-0

Following in the footsteps of MLB player Shane Victorino, Houston Texans running back, Arian Foster will be appearing on an episode of CBS crime drama Hawaii Five-0.

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is scheduled to appear on an episode of Hawaii Five-0 on Monday, Feb. 18 at 10 p.m. ET on the CBS Television Network. The episode appropriately is titled -- Pa'ani or Hawaiian for “The Game.”

I don't know how Foster will do in his acting debut, but hopefully he'll have more than a bit part. I'm anxious to see how he stacks up against the great gridiron actors of years past such as Bubba Smith, O.J. Simpson,  Fred Dryer and Jim Brown.

Maybe this could be a career for Foster after his playing days are over.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jim Brown says Browns fans need to move on

After watching the Baltimore Ravens clinch another Super Bowl victory, long suffering Cleveland Browns fans had to be stinging. Just for people who don't know, I'll give you the cliff notes version.

The Browns had been close to reaching the Super Bowl a few times, only to be snakebitten  at the wrong time (The Drive, The Fumble and Mike Davis' interception). Fast forward to 1996. The Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. Since then the Ravens have become a successful franchise and claimed two Super Bowl trophies while the Browns haven't won a playoff game since their reincarnation.

Hall of Famer and former Browns great Jim Brown says that the Browns fans need to move on and let it go.

"That's old news now," Brown told me Saturday at "NFL Honors." "Baltimore has proven themselves on the football field. We can't take that away. Art did not make the correct move in my opinion, at the time. It hurt the people, but now it's time to get over it."   

Given the city's sports history and heartbreak I can see why it's a bitter pill to swallow but it's time to let those old wounds die. It's Baltimore's team now, so deal with it.

Suns' Michael Beasley almost gets arrested

Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. But when he gets pulled over by a cop, he knows how to cooperate with authorities. I'll give him a shred of credit, most people of his stature act a fool when they get approached by a police officer, but Beasley played straight and was let off the hook for a multitude of offenses.

According to a report obtained through a FOIA request, it has been learned that Suns forward Michael Beasley, on January 25, was pulled over by Scottsdale Police due to speeding down Scottsdale Road at about 1:10 a.m.

He was cited for driving with a suspended license, driving with excessive speed, driving with expired registration and failure to display a license plate on the rear of the vehicle. Driving with a suspended license and excessive speeding are criminal traffic violations, whereas driving with expired registration and failure to display a license plate are civil traffic violations.

The report states the officer placed Beasley in handcuffs and arrested him, but decided to release him at the scene due to his cooperation.

Beasley is scheduled to appear in court on February 11, 2013.

Throw in the fact that Beasley also had a loaded gun in the car with a bullet in the chamber. He's very lucky to be a free man.

I don't know every facet of the law, so can someone please explain to me how Beasley didn't spend one night in jail. Given the fact that he was cooperative obviously scored some points with the local police force.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Barry Sanders thinks Calvin Johnson can reach a Super Bowl

Former Detroit Lions great, Barry Sanders will possibly go down as the greatest player to never appear in a Super Bowl. Toiling for the Lions ruined Sanders chances at any kind of postseason success. Even though the team never had much success, Sanders thinks Lions receiver, Calvin Johnson won't endure a similar fate. Sanders thinks that Johnson has a good chance to reach a Super Bowl.

 "I think for him, he has the advantage because it's a passing game. It's much more difficult to stop a passing game than it is to stop a running game, especially with the way defenses play today. So I think his chances will be better of getting to a Super Bowl."

What has Sanders been smoking? Has he really watched these Lions? The way it's looking they could be headed nowhere fast. The only way Johnson gets to a Super Bowl is if he gets traded to a contender.

I'm a Lions fan through and through but barring a reversal of fortune, I see Sanders blowing smoke up everyone's backside and providing false hope for Lions fans once again.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bears' Devin Hester might seek trade

Devin  Hester sounded like a broken man when head coach Lovie Smith was fired by the Chicago Bears. After another frustrating end to the season and no playoffs, Hester's frustration boiled over and he threatened  to retire. After about a month he reconsidered.  

Now Hester says he might need a change of scenery. With a year left on his contract Hester spoke about his future and determined that he might be better served playing elsewhere.

"I'm going to try to get two or three more years in,'' Hester told the Chicago Tribune on Saturday. "I think I have that much left in me.

"At the same time, I think I do need a fresh start.'' 

Hester sounds like he wants to stay, but after seeing his role diminish on offense he doesn't know if he sees himself in the Bears' immediate plans. That has much to do with his frustration. Throw in Lovie Smith's firing and you have a player that says he might need to be traded.

"It's a possibility,'' he said. "I'm loyal to my team. But the fans and my teammates have to understand where I'm coming from.

"I don't want to walk away from this game with another season going the way it ended this year. … It might have to take a fresh start somewhere else.''

Hester is a playmaker, but he's more of a one trick pony than a guy to include in an offensive game plan. I don't see anyone making a trade for him, but remember the Oakland Raiders were roped into taking Carson Palmer off the Bengals' hands, so anything is possible.

Yankees' Mark Teixeira admits he's overpaid

As you age you lose a step. It's just a natural progression in life. You just can't pull off some things you used to be able to do when you were younger.

New York Yankees first baseman, Mark Teixeira is coming to grips with this reality. Even though he's only 32, Texieira's numbers have slipped since signing an eight-year, $180 million contract with the Yankees in December of 2008. His power is still there, but the batting eye is gone. No longer hitting .280, he's now hovering near the .250 mark and heading toward DH territory.

Knowing he's not the player he once was, Teixeira admits to being overpaid and knows that he's on the downside of his career.

"I looked at the first six or seven years of my career, I was in my 20s, it was easy. I wasn't searching for the right formula. To think that I'm going to get remarkably better, as I get older and breaking down a little bit more, it's not going to happen," Teixeira said.

"Maybe I'm slowing down a tick. Look, I'm not going to play forever. Eventually you start, I don't want to say declining, but it gets harder and harder to put up 30 [homers] and 100 [RBI]," Teixeira said.

"I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you're overpaid. Because I am," Teixeira said. "We all are."

"Agents are probably going to hate me for saying it," he continued. "You're not very valuable when you're making $20 million. When you're Mike Trout, making the minimum, you are crazy valuable. My first six years, before I was a free agent, I was very valuable. But there's nothing you can do that can justify a $20 million contract."

I'll give Tex credit for admitting that he's overpaid for the production he's given the Yankees. But couldn't any player say the same? There are plenty of others who will try to justify their outrageous salary due to past performances. It shouldn't work that way, but then again, we live in a regular world and they don't.

Teixeira knows the end is coming and sounds like he doesn't want to hang on. No one wants to admit when they're declining but sometimes you just have to deal with that reality. I know I wouldn't want a fan telling me I was washed up. Don't just try to hang on trying to prove you still have something left in the tank.

Washington St. receiver busted stealing tequila

College students have a hard time making ends meet at times. But you should be able to find alcohol anywhere on a college campus. Not that I condone alcoholism, but you shouldn't have to steal it. Apparently no one got that point across to Washington State receiver Drew Loftus.

Loftus was busted early Friday for stealing two bottles of tequila from a grocery store.  

Loftus, 19, was taken to the Pullman Police Department and issued three misdemeanor citations for 3rd-degree theft, minor in possession of alcohol and minor intoxicated in public. He was released upon his signature.

Pullman Police Cmdr. Chris Tennant said a store employee called the police just before 1 a.m. after observing Loftus shove two bottles of tequila — priced at $21.99 each — into the waistband of his pants. Loftus then grabbed a carton of eggs and proceeded to the checkout counter, where he attempted to pay for the eggs but not the tequila.

Loftus was also arrested in December of 2011 on a car-prowling charge, according to the Tri-City Herald. He was 18 at the time.

Loftus transferred to Washington State from Hawaii and is currently a walk on. That could explain why he was caught stealing liquor. Books I can understand, but he couldn't get one of his scholarship teammates to hook him up. Maybe not enough monetary handshakes going around Pullman these days.

Loftus' status is unresolved as of now, but coach Mike Leach can't be too happy about it, especially since he's violated one of his three golden rules.  No drug use, no stealing, and no abuse of women.

Senior defensive tackle Anthony Laurenzi was dismissed from the team just before fall camp started last season after he allegedly stole a pair of headphones from Wal Mart. So it's safe to say that Loftus is good as gone in Pullman.