Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rays' David Price says he wouldn't sign with the Yankees over facial hair policy

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher, David Price, will be a free agent in 2016. The Rays can trade Price at any time before they lose him for nothing. I'm not knocking the way the Rays operate, but Price could be gone sooner than later unless the Rays make a World Series run.

There is one team that Price wouldn't want to go to. The New York Yankees.

Price told Fox Sports reporter Jon Paul Morosi, that if and when he does hit free agency there are teams that he wouldn't sign with because of certain rules and policies. The Yankees have a no facial hair policy and that doesn't go over well with Price. Price sports a beard and doesn't plan on getting rid of it.

“It’s a joke to me, that I had less rules in college than I would on some major league teams. That’s not my style, man. I couldn’t do it on some of these teams I hear about. I couldn’t do it. I’m a grown man.”

 “If I ever did hit that free-agent market, there would be teams I wouldn’t sign with simply because of the stuff that I’ve heard – every rule they have. Being here since 2007, being treated like a grownup, given that respect and freedom and space – it grows on you.”

“I wouldn’t stay there (New York) very long then,” he responded. “I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.”     

We all know money talks and current Yankee C.C. Sabathia said that he didn't want to play in New York until the Brinks truck rolled in. Price may simply be a different cat. He just likes to play the game and hopes to compete for championships.

There will be plenty of where will Price go to rumors over the next 2-3 years, but as a fan i hope he stays in Tampa.


Anonymous said...

Grow up David. Almost everyone in America has a job with a dress code.

Forgive us for wanting the role models kids look up to, to actually look like clean cut people, as opposed to looking like your teammate Ryan Roberts.

Anonymous said...

your ridiculous price wake up it's 2013 everybody's gotta dress code someplace if youdon't want to go to the Yankees then we don't want youyou'll be washed up by 2016 anyway. LOLand by that time you'll be begging to the Yankees and then we won't want you go to the Marlins or Houston that'll be a good fit for you

Anonymous said...

You guys are so stupid it makes me sick. Stay in New York and don't pollute the rest of the Majors with your dumb outlook.

Anonymous said...

New York fans, don't shave your balls or we may see how small they are.

Jon said...

lol dumb ass Yankee fans are crying because money doesn't buy a good team like it used to... the AL East doesn't have to worry about New York anymore- their roster is literally dying off.