Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Happened To Rodney Carney?

I remember when Rodney Carney was at the University of Memphis and thought that he would be a solid NBA player. Not a star, but someone that would be a solid contributor. After his college career, he was a first round draft pick by the Chicago Bulls, had his rights traded to Philadelphia and played there his first two years there.

After 5 seasons and three teams he's been waived by the Golden State Warriors. For all his athletics, he wasn't a consistent producer. The Warriors were counting on Carney to be a scorer off the bench, but it never happened. I hate to be critical, but he wasn't the greatest ballhandler nor did he have the greatest jump shot. You would think he would've developed a mid-range game, but that never materialized. Up next is a trip to the D-League or in some foreign country. I really liked this guy coming out of college, now he's pretty much our of the league. Hopefully he can work on some other parts of his game and work his way back into the NBA. 

Buckner Gets A Job...In Massachusetts

Nearly 25 years after one of the most famous mishaps in World Series history, Bill Buckner has a job in Massachusetts. They do say time heals all wounds but it took nearly 20 years for people in that state to forget about Buckner's gaffe in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Anyone that was around back then knows which play I'm talking about.

Buckner now has a job managing the Brockton Rox of the Independent League. Buckner says he excited to return to Massachusetts. I suppose he would now that the enormous monkey has been lifted off his back.
Rox president Chris Carminucci like Buckner's vast baseball knowledge and called it a "great day for the Rox". That's fine as long as he's not the one leading the fielding drills.

Personally I'm glad to see this is having a happy ending. I've always thought buckner got a raw deal. He wasn't the one that allowed the Mets to get in a position to win the game. Good luck Bill and maybe this can lead to something greater.