Friday, April 20, 2012

Terry says teams want to play the Mavericks in the playoffs

Remember last season when Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl said that he hoped that his team would face the Dallas Mavericks when the playoffs started. Of course he was wrong because the Mavs went on a roll and wound up toppling the Miami Heat for the NBA championship.  

The Mavericks have struggled in the shortened season and finally clinched a playoff berth, but they still remain dangerous. Mavericks guard Jason Terry thinks teams are feasting their eyes on the Mavericks as a possible playoff opponent, but issues a warning to those that think the Mavericks will be cannon fodder when the playoffs begin.

"We haven't gotten much respect all year long," Jason Terry said. "It doesn't surprise me. I think a lot of teams are hoping and wishing they can play the Mavericks, similar to last year _ and they get what they ask for sometimes."

Translation: Teams are overlooking us and think they're getting a weak opponent. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Remember we're still the champions.

Teams still should be wary of the Mavericks, especially if Dirk Nowitzki gets hot and the rest of the team follows suit. When the Mavericks get rolling they're hard to beat.