Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eddie George trying to save his house from foreclosure

Former Tennessee Titans star Eddie George received a surprise at his home this week in the form of a foreclosure notice. According to George's accountant, Larry Goodman, the home is scheduled to be auctioned on June 7.

Goodman had been negotiating a loan modification with IndyMac Mortgage Services over the past seven months.

The Georges bought the 8,550-square-foot home in the gated Brentwood, Tenn., community of Hampton Reserve at the height of the market. They currently owe more than what the house is worth. They bought it for $1.675 million in September 2007 and recently listed the home for sale for $1.1 million.

"Because the loan and equity is not in balance where it should be, we want to go through a loan modification process," Goodman said.

IndyMac hasn't discussed modifying the terms when the payments were current so George has intentionally missed four or five payments to get the ball rolling on negotiations. The Georges love living in the home and are surprised by the foreclosure.

"We're not trying to walk away from anything," Goodman said. "They love living there. It's a great house. Like anybody else who buys an expensive house, it flipped on him."

Don't confuse the foreclosure with George being broke. Goodman says George and his family are financially stable and are in no danger of going broke. They're just like any other American homeowner who is trying to get out from under some bad terms regarding their house.

George has a landscaping business with offices in Ohio and Nashville. He also appeared on sports related television shows.

Tamara George was part of the singing group Sisters With Voices, or SWV, during the 1990s and recently released a new cd. She later appeared on a season of the television reality series Survivor.

Reggie Jackson says there's too much showboating in baseball

Once upon a time, Reggie Jackson told a reporter that he was the straw that stirs the drink, referring to his status in the New York Yankees hierarchy. At the time the comment was seen as controversial and self promoting. But he backed it up, as his three home runs in Game 6 against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1977 World Series proved.    

Now Jackson looks at the flamboyance and showboating of some players with disgust. Jackson says there's too much strutting and showboating by players that aren't any good.

"If you had talent," Jackson told USA TODAY Sports, "you could have style. There's nothing wrong with style. I had style when I hit (563) home runs. But you've got to build up some history.

"What I'm seeing these days, and some of the arrogance, I feel like walking up, and saying, 'What's wrong with you? You can't play. That's not style. It's a goofy act.'

"I know it's entertainment, but if you have style and can't play, then you're nothing more than a fool. I see a lot of fools out there."

"If some of these guys were as concerned with getting base hits and winning games as they were Twitter, maybe they could perform better and earn some style," Jackson said.

When I watch the game I do agree with Jackson although he sounds like a bitter old man. Not many of the players today could back up their bravado like Jackson could. The worse part is seeing lesser players always having their name in the news and it's not for their on field accomplishments.

If you can't play you shouldn't be out there making a spectacle of yourself.

Pablo Sandoval investigated for possible sexual assault charges

San Francisco Giants fan favorite and third baseman, Pablo Sandoval is being investigated by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department and faces possible sexual assault charges that took place early Friday morning.

Sandoval is currently on a rehab assignment at the Giants' Single A San Jose.

The incident allegedly took place at the Seascape Beach Resort in Santa Cruz County. Police were not called to the scene, but the woman in question later contacted authorities and said that she was was too intoxicated to give consent. She then provided a sexual assault forensic evidence kit at an area hospital. 

“On Friday, June 1, Pablo Sandoval voluntarily met with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department related to a consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature that took place on that day,” attorney Eric Geffon told CSN Bay Area. “Pablo fully cooperated with the Sheriff’s Department out of respect for the process. We have no further comment at this time.”

Sandoval remained on schedule for his rehab assignment but did not report to AT&T Park because he was being questioned by authorities.

When will professional athletes and entertainers ever get it through their head that sex is not a given. Hire an escort or something. Move on to the next one. It's not like they have trouble getting some action.