Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Matt Garza Has His 2008 AL Championship Ring Stolen

When someone gets a championship ring of any kind the person that has it normally guards it with his/her life. They're pretty hard to come by and they don't get handed out like Halloween candy.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza is finding out just how valuable those rings are. Garza was victimized in a robbery in which his 2008 American League Championship ring was stolen.

Sheriff's detectives are investigating a burglary at the Fresno County home of Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza, a theft that included his 2008 American League championship ring earned while playing with the Tampa Bay Rays.
The ring is valued at $30,000, the Sheriff's Office said. The burglary happened between the afternoon of Jan. 26 and late Tuesday morning. Garza's name is engraved inside the ring, which has several white diamonds and one yellow diamond.
Hopefully this story has a good ending. 

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LeSean McCoy Admits To Not Trying

In light of Aaron Rodgers putting his NFC Pro Bowl teammates on blast for putting forth a lackluster effort, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy admitted to not trying in the game Sunday.

 "Yeah? I'm one of those guys," McCoy said when asked about Rodgers comments. "You walk around every practice and the guys before the games on other teams are like 'take your time' because we're going on a very slow pace, very easy.

"And you get out there and you see guys half-doing it and you do the same thing."

Wow, that's a shocker. A player that actually admits to not trying in the Pro Bowl. Not too many do. McCoy just had enough guts to say it.

I'll say it again. I don't blame them for not trying. They have too much at stake too get hurt in a meaningless game.