Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hope The Phillies Fans Are Happy

My second half predictions didn't go as planned, but I was on the money about one thing. The Philadelphia Phillies pulling out the NL East. The Phillies came through with another strong second half to overtake the Atlanta Braves and leave the New York Mets choking on infield dirt. In my opinion they are and were always the team to beat in the National League. They also have a great chance at winning the World Series. Everyone knows about the potent offense, but this time around they have the Roy boys (Halladay and Oswalt) as well as Cole Hamels anchoring the rotation. The only flaw i see is the bullpen, especially if Brad Lidge isn't on.

Phillie fans, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Just because they were about 6 or 7 games back earlier in the summer I knew they would come back strong. They just needed some key components to get right. I say get ready for a Phillies/Yankees rematch.  

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Saw In College Football II

This past week in college football exposed some teams and revealed some other things.

Texas was and is fraudulent. I thought that either Texas, Oklahoma, or Florida would get popped by some team lesser than them. Texas was throttled by a so-so UCLA team at home 34-12. Florida had a convincing win over Kentucky going into their showdown with Alabama. Maybe Texas and Oklahoma were looking ahead to the Red River Shootout because the Sooners escaped Cincinnati with a 31-29 win. The way Oklahoma is playing they'll be lucky to escape the season without a loss. USC also is on this list, but i see them getting whipped by Stanford or Oregon and not one of the dregs of the Pac-10. Michigan is also under consideration. If they can't beat down Indiana they aren't bonafide Big Ten contenders. Also receiving votes:Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, Georgia.

Mark Ingram is back in the Heisman hunt. After missing the first two games Alabama's Mark Ingram has made quite an impression with the Heisman voters. Even though one of the games was against Duke, he showed up big time against Arkansas. Its going to be difficult to keep him away from New York.
Arkansas will be a force, it just won't be this year. Even though the Hogs suffered a tough loss to Alabama, Arkansas will be a force to reckon with. They still won't beat the Alabama's and Florida's, at least not right now, once Bobby Petrino gets this train rolling you don't want to be on the tracks. Remember how he made Louisville into a darkhorse national contender.
Miami won't win the ACC unless Jacory Harris cuts down his interceptions. This is an absolute must. I know Randy Shannon blasted his backs and receivers for poor route running and dropped/tipped passes but that only goes so far. Harris needs to make better decisions because the Canes are superior to any other team in the ACC at this point.

Lions Fans Shouldn't Turn On Them

In the past week I've been hearing a lot of Detroit Lions fans chirping about how they've lost faith in head coach Jim Schwartz and how they're the same old Lions. True, they keep ringing up the losses, but personally I don't think they're the same old Lions. I'm not drinking the Kool Aid or anything, I just know they are what they are. I won't stop supporting them because they're lousy. Fellow Lions fans should do the same. I'm not trying to tell you guys how to live your life. I'm not Lions free and will never claim to be. I know they're bad and they are bad until I'm proven otherwise. After watching years of football, I do see they're on the right track. 

You see, the NFL is set up for teams to win anywhere from 6-10 games. Of course that's something we Lions fans haven't seen for a long time, save for Rod Marinelli's 7-9 mirage 3 years ago. Then we see other teams like the Dolphins and Falcons go from 1 or 2 wins to the playoffs in one year. People fail to forget that both of them had some recent success, although mediocre. The Lions have had none. What I'm saying is that, there needs to be some patience. They're still digging out from the mistakes Matt Millen made. Once you guys realize what they are, instead of thinking they're on the verge of being a playoff team, the better off you guys will be. They won't rise from the ashes like the Falcons and Dolphins. They're slowly building something and they are heading in the right direction. It takes time. Just be patient.        

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Torre Would Be A Fool To Take The Mets Job

After going back to New York for the Steinbrenner ceremony, soon to be former Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Joe Torre hinted about the New York Mets job.You know the rumors started swirling.  He was linked to the job by various news reports. Then he came on WFAN and talked his previous stint as Mets manager back in the late 70s. Ahhh, longing to go back to the city where you had your greatest success. There is one problem. The Mets are currently managed by Jerry Manuel. Although, I don't think he'll last beyond this season.

If I'm Torre, I just go on and retire. You have your rings and you'll be remembered more for your time as Yankees manager than anywhere else you've been. Who actually remembers that you managed the Mets, Cardinals, or Braves. Ok, i do. But not the casual baseball fan. He might seem like a good fit for the Mets job, but I wouldn't touch it. Your leaving a dysfunctional Dodgers organization for the Mets,who sign high riced players that underacheive once they hit Queens. The Mets haven't been the same since they blew the late season lead to the Phillies. 

My advice,ride out into the sunset Joe and leave well enough alone.   

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

Not Heisman material in 2010
I saw that despite their win over UMass, Michigan is not ready for primetime. This team has a long way to go before being "back".

Other not ready for primetime candidates: Washington, Notre Dame, and Houston

Jake Locker and Case Keenum knocked themselves out of the Heisman race. Locker had a dismal performance while getting beatdown by Nebraska. Keenum and the Cougars flopped big time against a mediocre UCLA team. He also got hurt in the process.

Other self inflicting wounds: Jerrod Johnson,Texas A&M

Nebraska is looking strong going into Big 12 play. They may make their swan song in this conference one to remember. Both Texas and Oklahoma are looking a little shaky to me.

Florida,Texas,and Oklahoma are looking a bit overrated. Texas has a strong defense but is not looking that great on offense. For all the talent the Sooners have on both sides of the ball, they have trouble putting lesser teams away (Air Force and Utah State). Florida is looking like they miss Tim Tebow an awful lot right now.

Butch Jones, Turner Gill, and Mark Richt might want to go into hiding right now. I know it's early but Jones looks like he doesn't have a clue about what's going on in Cincinnati. Ditto for Turner Gill. He does have the win over Georgia Tech, but how long will that hold water. The devil may come to Georgia because Richt's seat is getting hotter in Athens.

Colin Kaepernick should get some votes for Heisman. Kaepernick has been the most underrated dual threat quarterback in the nation for the past three years. Its about time someone outside of Nevada recognizes that.

Get well to Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio. Dantonio suffered a heart attack after a big win over Notre Dame. He also made the gutsiest call of the year. A fake field goal to win the game in overtime. Get well soon Mark. Good thing they have Northern Colorado next week.  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Please Stop

Michigan fans should stop now with the we're back and Denard for Heisman talk. After a halfway embarassing win over UMass I would think fans of the big blue would curb their enthusiasm. This was a team that they should've outtalented. yet they let the Minutemen hang around and nearly pull out a win of Appy State proportions. Ok, not that big considering the state of the program, but still a nice trophy to put on their resume. If it wasn't for Denard Robinson, this would've been a loss. I still think he shouldn't be anywhere close to the Heisman conversation.

Fans just let everything play out before proclaiming to be one of college football's elite once again. Today proved that even though they are trending in the right direction, they still have a long way to go.     

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Former USC star running back Reggie Bush turned in his Heisman Trophy for receiving improper benefits.Either to go to USC or while he was there is beyond me, since I never really bothered to look at any in depth stories that were out about this particular situation. I personally don't like the fact that he gave up his Heisman that he won on the field. If it wasn't at USC, it might've been any other school in the nation. I don't like the idea of forfeiture. If you knowingly used a player that shouldn't have been there, like for being academically ineligible and that player still played, sure take whatever they won away. Or using someone like a ringer. A player that is just a body in school and doesn't go to class. That I could also understand. I know it's wrong for anyone in college to receive improper benefits, but if you're good enough, that is gonna come your way, regardless. Those benefits didn't enable Reggie Bush to juke countless Fresno State defenders on that breathtaking run.

Benefits didn't enable him to be the best college running back in the nation, or the best player for that matter. That was all done on the field.

Although it wasn't right, Ed Martin didn't get Michigan and the Fab Five to two Final Fours. Why should they take the banners down and expunge the records. In the end there was just too much talent for them not to get that far. Should that make Temple feel better about that loss in the Regional final. I don't think so.

I know it's wrong and I don't agree with steroids, but should Jose Canseco be ordered to return any extras he received for winning the AL MVP. I'm sure Mike Greenwell didn't feel good about it then and he damn sure doesn't feel good about it now.

I'm sure there have been plenty of schools that have used a player that received extra benefits, or had a term paper written for them, or had money paid to a family member to steer a kid to a particular school. Some of them just haven't been caught.That's like if the recruits Bruce Pearl  and his staff made extra phone calls to came to Tennessee and won a national title. Does that mean Tennessee should forfeit the national championship. I don't think so.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know it's the Detroit Lions and they are what they are. A terrrible football team until proven otherwise. Furthermore, I hate to blame refs for a loss, but I'm gonna blame the refs for a loss. Just take a look at the video.


Feet Down... Hands on ball. TD!!! Then... ASS down, hand down, back down, bounces and still has ball.... Rolls over to get up and leaves the ball where is... Yep still a TD. Even if all that didnt happen and he had the feet down and hands on ball and would have stumbled out of bounds or pushed out, that still would have been enough for a td. But if you are going to stay in bounds after the catch apparently you need to keep the ball in hand till the next weeks game. I expect this rule to be reversed for next season, if there is one.

Deja Vu

Didn't us Michigan fans see this last year. A blowout win against an overwhelmed opponent in the opener and a scintillating win over Notre Dame. A Top 25 ranking only to see the bottom fall out. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bailing on the Wolverines, but its a little too fast to start with the "Michigan is back" talk. I don't wanna hear how Denard Robinson is the early leader in the Heisman chase. I heard it last year about Tate Forcier and last I checked he had a towel over his head, pouting on the sideline. His future is now in doubt. Just wait and see what happens when they hit the Big Ten schedule. I'm not saying they'll tank like last year, but it'll be a lot tougher than UConn and UMass. And before you tell me Indiana is an automatic "W", remember they took Michigan down to the wire last year in the Big House. Which was the last time they won a Big Ten game, a game they probably should've lost. Call me cynical, I just feel they have more to prove until I feel comfy as a Wolverines fan. Just stop all the Heisman and conference title talk. We were at the same point last year and it was downhill from that point on.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boise State Loses

The Boise State Broncos took a loss. Not in a literal sense, but by Virginia Tech being shocked by James Madison, 21-16, Boise took a loss. All that shine from the win over Va Tech has been tarnished. This should please everyone that was complaining that Boise had an easy road to the National Championship game. I never believed they did, since the BCS always comes down to the computers. The Broncos should hope that Nevada (hear this Colin Kaepernick) and Fresno State have some big seasons or they will be on the outside looking in.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dirty Business

College athletics is a dirty business. This isn't new. It's something everyone has known for years. I only mention this because Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl got hammered. And this wasn't by the NCAA, at least not yet. Pearl admitted he covered his ass when the NCAA hounds came knocking in July. I give Pearl credit, he knew he was wrong and he came clean about it. Although this is kind of ironic that many moons ago Pearl turned in Illinois to the NCAA about the recruiting inducements given to Deon Thomas, when he was at Iowa. Pearl will lose $1.5 million in salary and will not be able to recruit on the road for a year. All this before the NCAA honks will come along and drop hammer on the Volunteers.

This is nothing new. No college program is pure and clean, no matter how some media figures will tell you they are. Even Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams are completely clean. That may ruffle some feathers but its damn true. I've heard stories about Dean Smith that may or may not be true. Like I said, no one is clean. It's just that some do it better than others. I'm sure Bob Knight may have pulled some of the same tricks Jerry Tarkanian used. It's just that Tark had always been in the crosshairs where Knight wasn't. I believe Billy Tubbs might've cheated at Oklahoma, but he probably was just trying to keep up with Norm Stewart and Larry Brown. And before anyone tells me how honorable LB was, remember he got out of town right before Kansas was put on probation. I hate to say it, but Jim Valvano was thought to be crooked until he started dying. Now he's looked at differently. And don't let me get started on the Universtiy of Minnesota. It seems like anytime they happen to be a player on the national scene, they get caught cheating. And being from Michigan, I'm all too familiar with the Ed Martin scandal. Thing is, Martin had been around the program since the early 80's. I can go on all night about this, because this is just basketball I'm talking. Just peep the recent events in college football regarding cheating. Better yet ask Lou Holtz.

Everyone does it. Everyone gets their hands dirty in some way, shape, or form. Its just that some are better at it than others.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ole Miss Needs To Get It Together Upstairs

After their shocking (to some) loss to Jacksonville State, Ole Miss needs to do some serious soul searching to get their season back on track. Don't get me wrong, the rebels weren't a serious SEC title contender or highly regarded like last season. They still have the talent to make a bowl game and one of the best coaches in the nation that does more when less is expected in Houston Nutt. The task for Nutt is to make sure they get over this loss and do it quickly. After last season when expectations were high, and the Rebels fell flat on their face, this was the last thing they needed. As a fan, i saw what happened to Michigan after the loss to Appalachian State. They were housed by Oregon at home after the App. State loss, but eventually rebounded to play in a New Year's Day bowl and beat Florida in Lloyd Carr's final game. It seemed like they never really recovered from that loss. I've seen it happen to teams in various sports. Some don't recover from a shocking upset loss. To avoid a tailspin, they need to lay a beatdown on Tulane next week. It's a roadie and in the world of college football anyhting can happen. The Rebels need to avoid overlooking the Green Wave and come out hard. Don't let up off the gas pedal and totally annihilate Tulane. I'm not saying Tulane is a world beater or a pushover. This is a game they should win, same as the game against Vandy. Games they should win, but at this point and time, they shouldn't be overlooking anyone. Especially after falling to Jacksonville State, at home no less. They need to recover quickly or this season can go in the toilet, real fast.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This goes to Georgia's Alec Ogletree. If you're a college football player, why are you stealing a scooter helmet. I don't condone criminal activity, but at least steal books or a laptop. A scooter helmet?

Things I Get Tired of Hearing

I'm just listing things I get tired of hearing during sports broadcasts.

1.Denard Robinson being referred to as "shoelace". I get it that he ran in a track meet with his laces untied. I just tired of hearing it. It's a cutesy story, but the nickname reminds me something you name a cat.

2.How USC has nothing to play for. Just because they're on probation doesn't mean they don't have anything to play for. There's pride and the joy of ruining someone else's season. Also the almighty dollar (NFL contract).

3.How much the Tim Tebow effect will have on Florida. We all know he's gone, so please stop talking about him. The next time I want to hear about him during a Florida game is when the put a statue of him outside 'The Swamp'.

4.Rich Rodriguez's hot seat. The seat is hot indeed, just let the man coach. He probably feels like he's standing next to the devil right now.

5.Trent Richardson is better Mark Ingram. If he was, he wouldn't be the backup.

6.LeBron screwing Cleveland. In a sense I can't blame him. But if no one of significance was going to come and play with you, then go play with someone else.

7.Small market teams. If you fancy yourself a major U.S. city, then how in the hell are you small market? If San Diego is larger than St. Louis, how are you a small market franchise, Padres owner?

8.When Joe Paterno is retiring. Obviously never. I could be wrong, but the way he talks it seems like he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Hell, he still does the Nittany Lion growl to recruits.

9.Floyd Mayweather "ducking" Manny Pacquiao. I  know Floyd talks a lot of trash, but he does have a point. If someone moves up multiple weight classes, they usually sacrifice some power going up the ladder or lose a little speed while building up their power. Pacquiao has lost neither. I'm no Mayweather honk, but among my peers this seems to be true.

10.How good the "prevent" defense is. All it does is prevent you from closing out a win. If playing agressive has gotten you that far,why go into a shell.

One Of My All Time Favorites

I know it was cheap and dirty, but this will remain as one of my all time favorite hits. Shout out to Kendall Edwards. I love this play and not because we share the same last name.

Louis Delmas

I guess Delmas won't be getting that United Way commercial anytime soon.