Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lions Fans Shouldn't Turn On Them

In the past week I've been hearing a lot of Detroit Lions fans chirping about how they've lost faith in head coach Jim Schwartz and how they're the same old Lions. True, they keep ringing up the losses, but personally I don't think they're the same old Lions. I'm not drinking the Kool Aid or anything, I just know they are what they are. I won't stop supporting them because they're lousy. Fellow Lions fans should do the same. I'm not trying to tell you guys how to live your life. I'm not Lions free and will never claim to be. I know they're bad and they are bad until I'm proven otherwise. After watching years of football, I do see they're on the right track. 

You see, the NFL is set up for teams to win anywhere from 6-10 games. Of course that's something we Lions fans haven't seen for a long time, save for Rod Marinelli's 7-9 mirage 3 years ago. Then we see other teams like the Dolphins and Falcons go from 1 or 2 wins to the playoffs in one year. People fail to forget that both of them had some recent success, although mediocre. The Lions have had none. What I'm saying is that, there needs to be some patience. They're still digging out from the mistakes Matt Millen made. Once you guys realize what they are, instead of thinking they're on the verge of being a playoff team, the better off you guys will be. They won't rise from the ashes like the Falcons and Dolphins. They're slowly building something and they are heading in the right direction. It takes time. Just be patient.        

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