Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Torre Would Be A Fool To Take The Mets Job

After going back to New York for the Steinbrenner ceremony, soon to be former Los Angeles Dodgers manager, Joe Torre hinted about the New York Mets job.You know the rumors started swirling.  He was linked to the job by various news reports. Then he came on WFAN and talked his previous stint as Mets manager back in the late 70s. Ahhh, longing to go back to the city where you had your greatest success. There is one problem. The Mets are currently managed by Jerry Manuel. Although, I don't think he'll last beyond this season.

If I'm Torre, I just go on and retire. You have your rings and you'll be remembered more for your time as Yankees manager than anywhere else you've been. Who actually remembers that you managed the Mets, Cardinals, or Braves. Ok, i do. But not the casual baseball fan. He might seem like a good fit for the Mets job, but I wouldn't touch it. Your leaving a dysfunctional Dodgers organization for the Mets,who sign high riced players that underacheive once they hit Queens. The Mets haven't been the same since they blew the late season lead to the Phillies. 

My advice,ride out into the sunset Joe and leave well enough alone.   

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