Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote Of The Week: Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is one of my favorite columnists to keep up with. He always has a good movie/tv reference for a sports moment.

Here he is on Twitter with a reference about the Chicago Bulls.

 I watch the 2011 Bulls with the same "Uh oh, they're hungry" look that Mickey had during Clubber Lang's fights.

Mark Price Possibly Interested In Georgia Tech Job

According to Dennis Scott and a person who wished to remain anonymous, former Georgia Tech point guard Mark Price would like to return as head coach. I don't know how true this is but I don't think Tech is going to go this route, but it would be interesting.

The last legend I can think of that went back to coach his alma mater was when Clyde Drexler returned to coach the Houston Cougars and that went didn't go so well. Tech has more resources so this actually could work out.

Tech athletic director Dan Radakovich hasn't said who he is considering to replace Paul Hewitt. Price has declined to comment, other than to text that "he wants whoever is best for GT."

Scott and former Tech player Drew Barry seem excited about the prospect of Price coaching the Yellow Jackets, even though he lacks major head coaching experience.

"Every coach has to start somewhere," said Scott, who played at Tech from 1988-90. "Why not start at your alma mater? You've got loads and loads of experience, loads and loads of knowledge to share with young kids. It's all about putting the right staff around you. If you look at a lot of the great coaches, they have great assistant coaches."

I would just like to see Tech get back to its roots, see Tech basketball get back to its roots," said Barry.  

I don't know how much pull they have with the AD, because Price will have some competition for the job. Coaches rumored to be candidates are Richmond's Chris Mooney and VCU's Shaka Smart. New Mexico assistant and former Tech player Craig Neal is also rumored to be a candidate for the job.


Vick's Old Home A Possible Dog Haven

A non profit group is exploring the idea of buying Michael Vick's old Virginia home and turning it into a haven for rescue dogs to run free while at the same time being house-trained and socialized for eventual adoption.

The same 15 acre estate that Vick financed a dog fighting ring.

Monica Severy, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, said she would leave the grim kennels that once housed fighting dogs in place as a memorial of sorts. "The dogs deserve for this to be seen," she said. "It's an important piece of history."

The group has to raise $600,000 for the full sale price, so they have a long way to go before this is a done deal. i have to wonder would Vick ever be allowed to visit if this ever comes to fruition.