Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bucky?

I bet there was alot of this going on after last week's win over Ohio State.

Junior Seau Goes Off The Deep End....Literally

Junior Seau drove his car off a cliff after being released from jail on a domestic violence charge. I'll spare the details since I'm pretty sure lots of you have probably heard it by now. I just have three questions though. I thought he was married already. Why are you with a 25 year old to begin with? And why drive off a cliff?

If I was 41 and could still pull 25 year old tail I don't think I would be driving off any cliffs.

Where Do The Saints Find These Guys?

I know every year in the NFL Draft there are guys that slip through the cracks, had an inoppurtune injury, transfer to a smaller school, or just maybe didn't fit the coaches' scheme. Some make it, some don't. Which brings me to this. How do the New Orleans Saints find these guys and why do they excel?

First it was Marques Colston. Then Lance Moore. Jermon Bushrod. Now here comes Tiffin University's finest Chris Ivory. I guess he started his college career at Washington State, then transferred to Tiffin. You would think he would become an afterthought to NFL scouts. Now I'm not trying to put him or any other small school stars down. It's just that my Detroit Lions can never find these kind of guys. I don't know what it is, but they wind up in New Orleans and some kind of magic happens. Maybe it's the voodoo down there.

I wish him a long career and hope he's not a flash in the pan. It just shows what good scouting and hard work will do.