Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kardashian Says Humphries Loves Singing

Kim Kardashian says that her current flavor of the month, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries has a secret passion for singing. She says that he sings that ridiculous song Jam (Turn It Up) that was just released, over the phone to her.

"Kris loves it, he sings it to me on the phone,"  says Kardashian. I guess I'd sing it too and claim I liked it if I were with her, especially if it led to some special extracurricular activities . Let's hope Humphries doesn't decide to embark on a singing career. If anything form a barbershop quartet or stick to karaoke. Translation, Humphries shouldn't quit his day job and neither should Kardashian.

McGrady Not Happy With Current Demotion

After the dust settled in Detroit (no pun intended), Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester has given everyone a clean slate regarding playing time.Those that practice hard will be rewarded. There's even been a Richard Hamilton sighting the past few games. That hasn't made everyone happy in Pistonland.

Tracy McGrady has been on the pine since the mystery protest and he isn't too happy about it. He responded to a question on Twitter about his situation in Detroit with "Looks like I'm (a) day late and dollar short."

He also was asked about finishing his career with the Chicago Bulls, McGrady responded by saying, "That would be a good look."

It might be a good look in Chicago since they have a few non descript players on the wing, except for Luol Deng.

McGrady has played well at times this season, but I wouldn't bring him back and committ to a full time youth movement. That would serve the Pistons better than trying to hang on to the veterans on the team.

Hines Ward Might Be Dancing With A Bad Knee

After Super Bowl XLV, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward underwent a surgical procedure on his left knee. All seems to be well as of now, but the Steelers might be a little concerned since Ward will be on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

The surgery was to remove some cartilage, and Ward doesn't seem to be alarmed about possibly injuring his knee while going through what some would consider a recreational activity. He seems more worried about his feet, since he's been wearing those dancing shoes that can't be all that comfy.

"I'm not going to be jumping up or sliding all over the floor, but at the same time the knee is fine," Ward told Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I wouldn't jeopardize the football season over Dancing With the Stars. The doctors wouldn't have cleared me to do this. I don't think coach (Mike) Tomlin would have given me the OK if I wasn't ready."

If I were Tomlin I would've told him to stay off the show, but that's just me.  

The Bengals Insist They Won't Trade Palmer

The Cincinnati Bengals are standing their ground in the Carson Palme drama. They insist that Palmer will play in Cincy or retire. Knowing Palmer he'll think he's better off retiring than going back to Cincinnati. And knowing stubborn Mike Brown he'll keep him there, which I consider stupid.

Joe Reedy of he Cincinnati Enquirer asked a team official about Palmer being on the market and got this response. “When asked if Palmer was indeed on the market, a team official said that the organization’s stance toward the ninth-year quarterback has not changed — he will be playing here or retire.”

Considering all the quarterback starved teams in the NFL, the Bengals would be wise to move Palmer while they can still get some value for him. I'm sure the Arizona Cardinals would pay half a king's ransom to land a quarterback after the struggles they faced without Kurt Warner last season. It would set the Bengals back, but they've been set back for a while so I really don't think it matters if they trade him or not. He's regressed since the knee injury he suffered in the playoff game against Pittsburgh a few years back and hasn't been the same player. He could benefit from a change of scenery and become the player he once was. Also if the Bengals receive a good haul for Palmer it could make more for retooling than rebuilding.

If Palmer wants out, ship him out of town. I'm sure they'll get a good deal for a proven quarterback that still has a lot left. With te dysfunctional Bengals franchise, I'm sure he wants to go to where the grass is greener. Mike Brown needs to see the light and stop trying to be a hardliner and just trade the guy instead of flushing his career down the toilet.