Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ex-Bears receiver David Terrell arrested for domestic battery

Former Chicago Bears receiver David Terrell was arrested Friday and charged with domestic battery after he threatened to throw his ex-girlfriend off a balcony during an argument at his apartment in Chicago.

Terrell, 33, is charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. He looked to the floor and shook his head in Cook County bond court as a prosecutor summarized the allegations against him. 

Terrell was arrested Friday afternoon at his apartment building in the 1700 block of South Michigan Avenue, where his unit appears to be on the 33rd floor, according to court records. The alleged incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. Friday.

The ex-girlfriend told police that she had just ended a seven-month relationship with Terrell, sparking an argument that escalated when Terrell allegedly grabbed her, causing bruises on her upper arms, chest and neck, according to court records.

The woman, 25, told police Terrell swore at her and said, "I'll throw you off the balcony and say you jumped," according to court records.

Well, I see Terrell has read the Suge Knight handbook on conflict resolution. Terrell's lawyer says they will fight the charges and prove his innocence.

Terrell's attorney, Shady Yassin, declined to speak in detail about the case after the hearing but said, "We intend to prove he's innocent of these allegations."

Good luck with that.

NFL wants Gregg Williams tapes from filmmaker

Bountygate is the story that just won't die. Ten days ago filmmaker Sean Pamphilon stirred up the hornets nest by releasing an audio tape of then New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams telling his players to injure San Francisco 49ers players before their playoff game in December.

The NFL now wants Pamphilon to shed more light on the scandal and the league wants everything he recorded while he filmed his documentary with ex-Saints player Steve Gleason. Pamphilon told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that the league wants a complete look at what was recorded behind closed doors.

“NFL security called four times on Friday. They want the Gregg Williams tapes,” Pamphilon told Silver.

Pamphilon said that he wanted commissioner Roger Goodell "to answer real questions first". No one knows what he means by that and you can read between the lines all you want and still couldn't figure that one out.

Pamphilon added that he has the tapes in "several locations". What is he a drug dealer on the side? He has safe houses for his audio tapes. I can understand that you'll probably go to court to get the league to force them out of your hands, but some of the things he's saying are kind of out there.

Cromartie nixes reality show for his "baby mamas"

After the birth of his 10th child, New York Jets corner Antonio Cromartie is just one short of fielding an offensive/defensive unit.

The birth of Jagger represents his second with his wife Terricka. Now a TV production company wants a piece of the action. There was a proposal to create a reality show about "about the clan trying to co-exist as a modern family," a source told The New York Post.

Cromartie has deflected the plan, blocking any filming of his offspring.

The single women can use the extra money to help raise their kids, but they also think it’s important “to document their journey,” the source said. “They want Antonio’s support.”

I can understand why he wouldn't want any part of the show. It would turn into a half hour or more of Antonio bashing. As long as he keeps up on his child support then everything should be ok. I understand that they all want each other to know who their siblings are, but I feel there's a better way to do that other than a reality show.

Steve Mariucci interested in the Arkansas job

With the messy ending to the Bobby Petrino era leaving them in a bind, the Arkansas Razorbacks are trying to determine whether to go the interim route or poaching a coach from another school.

Athletic Director Jeff Long is trying to put together a list and identify his candidates. A source told's Pete Roussel that former San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci is interested in the Razorbacks job.

Sources tell me that former San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci is interested in the Arkansas head coaching job.  As of this morning, separate sources indicate to me that Arkansas AD Jeff Long has not spoken with Skip Holtz or Tommy Tuberville to this point.  Yet another source tells me that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels would be willing to talk if contacted by Long.  There is no rush at all for Jeff Long.  Although coaches can leave campus for spring recruiting next week, head coaches are not allowed on the road during the spring recruiting period.     

Mariucci does have extensive NFL ties, he did coach the University of California for one year in 1996.

Two Western Kentucky football players shot

Two Western Kentucky football players were shot outside of a bar in Bowling Green hours after their spring game concluded.

Tevis Holliman from Tucker,Georgia and Ricardo Singh from Auburndale,Florida were both hit once but the wounds were not life threatening.

The shooting early Sunday outside the Lava Lounge in Bowling Green happened hours after the team played its annual spring game.

Bowling Green Police spokesman Ronnie Ward said it appears someone shot into a crowd outside the bar and struck the players. He said an officer driving by the scene heard gunshots and called for backup at 12:39 a.m.

Disruptive fans must pass a code of conduct course

NFL fans will be getting tested. No not drug or alcohol testing, although some should be subject to that before their allowed to enter a stadium.

The NFL will now require fans that have been ejected from a game to pass an online code of conduct course.

Part of the plan came from when the NFL came up with the idea to put undercover cops in the stands during the 2012 NFC Championship game and dressed them up as New York Giants fans.

To pass the four hour online course you must pay $75 and correctly answer 70 percent of the true or false questions.

“We’re not trying to squash anyone’s passion. We’re just trying to say don’t be violent,” said Dr. Ari Novick,  the Californian who’s the brains behind the program.

Sorry, but the league will be taking away a fan's passion. Violence isn't part of the deal, but trash talking goes with the territory when it comes to a fan's passion. As a Detroit Lions fan, I've taken plenty of verbal darts over the years. My take is if you have reason to dish it out dish it out. But if you can't take it you should keep your mouth shut.

I wouldn't talk trash to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan because they have six Super Bowl trophies to back their argument. But a Cleveland Browns fan, I'd go all day on them.

All this means is that a good portion os Raider fans will be dishing out a lot of cash.

Richard Pitino to be named coach at Florida International

Like father, like son is the old saying.

Richard Pitino will be leaving his father's staff at Louisville to build his own program at Florida International. He'll be replacing Isiah Thomas, who went 26-65 in three seasons. Pitino served as associate head coach at Louisville under his father Rick for a total of three seasons during two different stints. Richard was also an assistant at Florida, Duquense, Northeastern, and Charleston.

It's going to be a tough job trying to build that program up, but if Richard can put his dad's system in place and the current players buy in Florida International could be competitive in the Sun Belt conference.