Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cromartie nixes reality show for his "baby mamas"

After the birth of his 10th child, New York Jets corner Antonio Cromartie is just one short of fielding an offensive/defensive unit.

The birth of Jagger represents his second with his wife Terricka. Now a TV production company wants a piece of the action. There was a proposal to create a reality show about "about the clan trying to co-exist as a modern family," a source told The New York Post.

Cromartie has deflected the plan, blocking any filming of his offspring.

The single women can use the extra money to help raise their kids, but they also think it’s important “to document their journey,” the source said. “They want Antonio’s support.”

I can understand why he wouldn't want any part of the show. It would turn into a half hour or more of Antonio bashing. As long as he keeps up on his child support then everything should be ok. I understand that they all want each other to know who their siblings are, but I feel there's a better way to do that other than a reality show.

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