Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Moments From Super Bowl's Past

 My favorite moments from past Super Bowls.

Super Bowl XXV- New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills. This game was tight throughout and came down to the foot of  Buffalo's Scott Norwood. I enjoyed it because my brother was killing me because I was a Miami Dolphins fan and they coudln't beat Buffalo. On the other hand I felt sorry for Norwood.

Super Bowl XXXIV- St. Louis Rams vs. Tennesse Titans. This game was a breath of fresh air as these two teams came out of nowhere. This game produced one of the most thrilling endings in Super Bowl history. Steve McNair led a brilliant comeback only to come up short, literally, in the end.

Don't Make A Big Deal Out Of Roethlisberger's Late Night

I know Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is thought of as a creep. He has some moral issues and he's trying to change what others think of him. With the black cloud over what happened in Georgia during the offseason, whatever he does, whether he's out having a few drinks or trash talking at the local gym is going to be scrutinized. In some instances, like the so-called late night at the piano bar with his offensive lineman, the media is making something out of nothing.

Everyone says "it's Super Bowl week and he's out past curfew", like it's a bad thing. First, coach Mike Tomlin says it's a non-issue. If he doesn't think it's a big deal then so what. If he did think it was a big deal he handled it internally. Secondly, it's Super Bowl week! Do you really think the players are going to eat and sleep football while they're in Dallas. I don't think so. I know Roethlisberger has his demons, but lay off for a minute. He was out enjoying some time with his teammates, not out acting a fool or breaking any laws. He wasn't running around chasing skirts either. Look, these players aren't choir boys. They're grown men doing what they want to do. Would you like someone scrutinizing your every move just because you were caught with a prostitute. I don't think so. And just because you may be of moral high ground or are a bad guy doesn't mean you'll be a success or a failure on the biggest stage.

Remember Eugene Robinson? I know I do. He was the Bart Starr award winner, which champions players with morals and all that jazz, I didn't invent the award so don't ask. The night before the game he gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute that was an undercover cop. He wanted to pay $40 for some action and got busted. Me and my friend had a field day with that one. My friend referred to him as "big" Eugene and it was going to be $2 an inch. Anyway, you don't have to be a jackass to get caught up in wrongdoing. Even players thought to be the most righteous slip. And don't give me the crap about how Robinson's escapade foiled the Atlanta Falcons. The Denver Broncos were simply the better team and weren't going to lose.

Let me take you back some. Super Bowl XV, Raiders vs. Eagles in New Orleans. Dick Vermeil had his players on a tight leash and they played that way. The Raiders were out being the Raiders and whooping it up in the French Quarter. The Raiders won 27-10. They were looser and played like it while the Eagles were uptight.

You see, it doesn't matter what you do or how late you stay out, because that has no bearing on the team's performance on Super Bowl Sunday. Unless it's a Barrett Robbins situation. That didn't turn out too well for the Raiders.              

If Momma's Not Happy, Nobody's Happy

When national signing day comes around for high school seniors to choose a school parents are normally happy to see their kid move on to the next phase of their life. Sometimes they'll choose a school close to home, go to where their parents went, or move far away as possible to see how it is at a place different from where they came from. Parents won't always agree, but are usually so proud they don't care. This past week there was a player whose name escapes me right now, his mom forged a letter of intent. Now we have the case of Jacoby Brissett.

Brissett is highly thought of in recruiting circles and a very talented athlete. He was called the best uncommitted quarterback and was being recruited by Florida, Miami (the U), Wisconsin, and North Carolina to play basketball. So you know he's good, at least at the high school level. He made his announcement during his senior night basketball ceremony. He chose Florida. And mama's not happy.  

Ellicia Brown, Brissett's mother, wanted him to go to Miami. Brissett won't send his letter of intent until Monday, so maybe mom figures she can "talk some sense into him". Brown isn't too thrilled about how Florida handled the process of Brissett's recruitment.

“Not my choice,” Brown said. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t like the way Florida handled the process. I’ve never been able to meet the head coach … I’ve never met (Will Muschamp) face-to-face and I find that very disrespectful and I’m just hurt with the whole process with the Gators. I was hoping that he would respect me and go to ‘The U’ because ‘The U’ showed respect to his mom.”

“He knew I would be hurt and disappointed,” Brown said. “So he texted me.”

There was a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd, some decked out in Hurricanes gear, left the game.

I see she realizes that it's his choice, but it is what it is. He's doing what he feels is in his best interest, since he wants to play both basketball and football in college. Florida has a better program in both sports than Miami at this point. Also, maybe if Randy Shannon was still coaching the Canes maybe Brissett would be "taking his talents to South Beach".  Just support his decision and give him the unconditional love only a mother can give her son.