Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quote Of The Week: David Haye

The Wladmir Klitschko-David Haye fight has finally been finalized after a few years of trash talk between both fighters. Klitschko just pulled out of a fight with Derek Chisora, so let's hope that there are no injuries that derail the fight. Also we'll finally be able to see if Haye can back up all his woofing he's been doing since joining the heavyweight division.

Haye provided the press with this nice statement when speaking on the fight finally being made.

“Klitschko is ready made for me. I eat tall, chinny Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast. Wladimir is a fighter that doesn’t like to fight,” said Haye. 

I do believe Wladmir can be had. Whether Haye is the one able to pull it off remains to be seen. We'll finally be able to see the end result in late June or early July. 

Kansas And Missouri Fans Angry Over Switch

Yesterday on CBS there was three minutes left in the Kansas-Missouri game and the network pulled the switch on the game, changing to Michigan-Michigan State or Arizona-Oregon, all depending on where you lived.

Fans in Kansas and Missouri weren't too happy about it. Of course some took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

The Kansas City CBS affiliate offered an apology, but the fans weren't buying it. You can fool some some of the time but not all of the time.