Saturday, January 7, 2012

The World Of Jim Irsay

Only a casual football fan would insult an Indianapolis Colts fan for the horrible season they endured this year. It has resulted in the Polians (Bill and Chris) being fired. There also have been rumblings that they will take quarterback Andrew Luck with the number one pick in this spring's NFL draft. Things will be changing in Indy. Just don't insult the fans and let Jim Irsay hear about it.

Here's what Irsay tweeted about other teams fans and their Colts jokes.

Yea,Colts fans...don't take any crap off of any other fans..when their team wins 115 games in a decade,tell em then they can kiss your ring!

You tell em Jim. Right out of the keep your head up files.

Crennel To Be Named Coach Of The Kansas City Chiefs

Going 2-1 in the final three games of the season was enough for the Kansas City Chiefs to remove the interim tag from Romeo Crennel and name him the full time coach according to reports.  

The Chiefs recently interviewed ex-Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, but it's not hard to see how they zeroed in on locking down Crennel. Jeff Fisher is going to either Miami or St. Louis (and has said as much), Josh McDaniels is already in New England, Kirk Ferentz is staying at Iowa and that leaves Crennel as an obvious choice to keep running the Chiefs.

It's a good move for the locker room as linebacker Tamba Hali stated that he wanted Crennel to remain as coach.

“He’s very motivating,” Hali told the Kansas City Star. “He treats us like men. He does expect a lot from us, but he knows what it takes.”

“I think anybody on this team would agree with me, if we can keep Romeo as our head coach here, it would be great,” Hali said.

Despite numerous injuries and the appearance of Tyler Plako at quarterback the Chiefs played some of their best football late in the year. That would include a win over the then undefeated Green Bay Packers.

If the Chiefs can get a capable offensive coordinator and they can get some of their key players (Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry) to return from injury and back to Pro Bowl form Kansas City could be a threat in the AFC West next season.

For Crennel's sake he better hope this turns out better than it did for him in Cleveland.

Evans Thinks Suh Is A Dirty Player

And the claims that Ndamukong Suh is a ‘dirty’ player continue to emerge as we are now on the eve of the Lions first playoff game since the 1999 season.

The latest claim has come from New Orleans Saints; Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans who says Suh is a dirty player after the whistle.

“I think some things he does is dirty, after the whistle,” Evans told The Times-Picayune. “He needs to put a cap on that, but he’s a phenomenal player.”

Now this seems pretty consistent with a lot of the other claims that have surfaced during the season. It’s also hard for Lions fans to refute any claim that Suh is a dirty player based off what happened Thanksgiving weekend when Suh stomped on Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith.

The trouble though with Evans’ comments is he has never been matched with Suh… ever. So it may be safe to assume that Evans is jumping on a bandwagon rather than finding out for himself. Suh missed the matchup with the Saints earlier this season because of a two game suspension for the aforementioned stomp against the Packers.

This adds an interesting subplot to this game as there were stories coming out of New Orleans that if Suh starts taking any cheap shots at quarterback Drew Brees that they won't back down from him. It looks like Suh will have a target on his back Saturday night.