Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jeremy Guthrie has a freak bike accident

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie can add his name to the list of players that have had a freak injury.

Guthrie rides his bike to and from the stadium and hasn't went against his routine. He might change his mind after suffering a sprained shoulder after taking a hard fall from his bike.

The odd injury occurred when his chain broke, slamming him to the ground near the ballpark. He might just miss two starts given the back date on the DL and the off day approaching.

“It was a kind of a freak accident. Most of the contact was on my elbow and it kind of jammed my shoulder. I just have some pain, and when that goes away. I would assume yes I will be healthy in 15 days,” Guthrie said after Friday’s game. “It wasn’t like wheel slipped out. I was just riding and the next thing I know I was on the ground.”

Guthrie will miss his turn in the rotation and is due to come off the disabled list on May 8. With an ERA of 5.92 over four starts the Rockies might want to leave him on there.