Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"It Girl" of the week: Dolly Castro

The "It Girl" of the week is Dolly Castro.

Carson Palmer says the Eagles got a steal in Matt Barkley

Quarterbacks out of USC haven't exactly lit the NFL on fire. There have been gaudy stats and playoff wins when you look at the quartet of Arizona Cardinals signal caller Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart. Statistically Palmer is the best of the bunch and from a wins and losses standpoint the nod goes to Sanchez. But neither will have a bust in Canton.

The latest USC quarterback coming into the NFL is Philadelphia Eagles fourth round draft pick Matt Barkley. Barkley was projected to go in the late first or early second round of the NFL Draft. For reasons beyond my knowledge Barkley slipped all the way to the fourth round. Barkley is ready to prove that him slipping that far was a mistake. Palmer says the Eagles got a steal.

"I know Matt can play. I've had the opportunity to work out with him over the last couple of years. And I've obviously had a chance to watch him play," Palmer told NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano in an interview that will appear Tuesday on "NFL Total Access."

"For him to go in the fourth round is an absolute steal. I think the bigger question is how he fits into that system, and only time will tell that. But whether the guy can play or not, he can absolutely play, and I know he's excited to prove a lot of people wrong."

I know he didn't live up to all the hype he had coming into his senior season, but only time will reveal if Barkley can excel at the NFL level or just another overhyped USC product.