Thursday, February 13, 2014

Memphis' Dominic Woodson suspended for foul language

The Memphis Tigers beat UCF Wednesday night at home, but they lost a player for at least one game. No the player didn’t get hurt, he cussed. Freshman Dominic Woodson will not play against the No.24 UConn Huskies Saturday because he apparently used foul language while sitting on the bench.

After hearing his language coach Josh Pastner sent him to the locker room.

“If you are going to use that, you are going to go use it in the locker room,” Pastner said in his post game press conference via “You are not going to to use it on my bench, so I said ‘see ya.’ He definitely won’t travel to UConn.”

Woodson, according to Pastner, is suspended indefinitely.

"He will be suspended indefinitely until I decide to bring him back," Pastner said. "No one is bigger than the program. That's just the bottom line."

Woodson, according to Pastner, is suspended indefinitely.

Pastner apparently doesn’t cuss and doesn’t want the women and young fan to hear his players use it. This apparently not the first time Woodson has upset his coach with his language.

The 6’10″, 300 lbs. Woodson did not score Wednesday night, but played three minutes. He is averaging 2.8 points and 2.2 rebounds per game while playing 7.5 minutes.

It is refreshing to see a coach help mold a player. I am sure Woodson isn’t too excited about it, but he needs to learn to be a man. You cannot go around throwing foul language around like that. Good for you Coach Pastner. Now leave Louisville fans alone.