Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rodriguez Gets Frustrated Watching Michigan

Former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez found a landing spot in Tucson, coaching the Arizona Wildcats. That doesn't mean that he still doesn't have feelings about Michigan. Why, I don't know, but Rodriguez admitted that it's frustrating watching Michigan win at his press conference.

“It’s frustrating to watch them, I don’t mind telling you,” Rodriguez said, “because those are all my guys. But I’m proud of them because they’re doing so well.”

Rodriguez believed that the Wolverines would turn the corner this year so it comes as no surprise to him that they are 9-2 heading into the Ohio State game this week. I still think they had ways to go. Truth is Rodriguez never had a chance at Michigan. He had the knives in his back as soon as he hit Ann Arbor. Wins would've cured the ills but he didn't win enough. Another thing that killed Rodriguez was defense. If he really gave a damn about defense he might still be at Michigan.

He might have a chance at Arizona where the offenses in the Pac-12 put up video game numbers weekly. Everyone knows that offense is Rodriguez's specialty. If he can get the Wildcats to play some defense they could be formidable in the Pac-12. It might be a mirage, but Rodriguez might be able to succeed in the desert.