Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pasqualoni Back In The Big East

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordiantor Paul Pasqualoni will be returning to the Big East to be the head coach at Connecticut. Pasqualoni was formerly the head coach at Syracuse from 1990-2004 (could be wrong) compiling a 107-59-1 record in 14 years at the 'Cuse. He was there during the Marvin Graves & Donovan McNabb years. During that time the Orange won or shared 4 Big East titles and were in nine bowl games.

He beat out former University of Miami offensive coordinator Mark Whipple for the job.

Pasqualoni's track record in the Big East should help him in recruiting, since he brought in some good talent to Syracuse while he manned the sidelines in upstate New York. He brought the aforementioned McNabb and Graves in along with Qadry Ismail among others. The Orange were actually nationally relevant back then. UConn is hoping he can do the same for their program and build upon what Randy Edsall started and left behind.     

Newton Declares For NFL Draft

Days after leading the Auburn Tigers to the BCS championship over Oregon, Heisman winning quarterback Cam Newton has decided to take his talents to the NFL. This was a no brainer. Everyone knew Cam was out soon as the pay for play scandal broke involving his father. Winning the BCS title just set it in stone. With his star at its brightest right now and the NCAA still not done with him he really had no other choice except to leave.

Where he lands in the draft will depend on what happens at the combine.Newton can play the game, no doubt about that. But NFL personnel men will be looking at other things. Like his ability to read a defense, his throwing motion, and how he thinks the game. Also do they think of him as a Tim Tebow type or a Michael Vick type? Or is he a Vince Young clone, someone that seemingly has the tools but has yet to harness his ability. I would have to say he's closer to Vince Young right now. Someone will take him in the first round. Where, I don't know. For whoever drafts Newton, they better hope he's not the next JaMarcus Russell.

As for Auburn, everyone's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. On the bright side we wont get anymore Trooper Taylor face shots.

Kyle Turley Is A Bitter Man

Turley's finest moment
Former NFL and San Diego State offensive lineman Kyle Turley is pretty bitter about Brady Hoke leaving sunny California to take the Michigan job. Turley told radio station 1090 AM in San Diego that he sent Hoke a scathing text message.

Come on Kyle, be happy for the man. I understand this was the first time the Aztecs had been decent in years, but this was Hoke's dream job. I'm sure if someone offered you your dream job you'd go in a heartbeat. I know I would and I've been at mine for 12 years.

"I was very upset and very disappointed," Turley said. "All season long it was 'Aztec this, Aztec that.' He's trying to convince me (during the season) to come down there to San Diego State. I'm texting him all the time, 'Great job and great win.' For this to happen, it's just very disappointing.

"I texted the guy, this is exactly what I said: 'I understand what you've got to do for you and yours but just the same … I hope you lose every damn game. That was a b.s. move, brother, and you know it.'"

A b.s. move? I don't think so. It happens all the time in sports so you should understand, especially being a former player and all. As far as losing every game, it's not like he's taking over Duke or UTEP. Eventually he'll win some games. He shouldn't be all irate about the situation. Hoke is only looking out for number one. I'm sure if someone asked him to leave his current job to coach lineman for the Dallas Cowboys he would leave in a hot second.

Turley being a hothead, I would expect something like this out of him.

Rodriguez Cleans Out His Closet

You also can dress like Rich Rod 
By know everyone knows Rich Rodriguez was 86'ed by Michigan a few weeks ago. Rodriguez apparently doesn't want anything from Michigan lingering around in his closet.

Rodriguez donated 432 Michigan related items to the Salvation Army in Metro Detroit. I guess everything that was maize and blue had to go. The clothes couldn't fit in the shredder so it was put in trash bags, like that garbage defense he had for the past three years. I wonder if the defensive playbook would be among the items.  Or maybe thje list of special teams standouts. Or maybe the instructions on how to force your system down your team's throat. How about the handbook on trying to recruit a quarterback and run off a big time quarterback in the process. The shirt from the Gator Bowl or one of those ridiculous wristbands.

I know he did a somewhat noble deed by giving stuff he'll never need to the Salvation Army. He probably never wore a lot of that stuff anyway. Good riddance.