Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rodriguez Cleans Out His Closet

You also can dress like Rich Rod 
By know everyone knows Rich Rodriguez was 86'ed by Michigan a few weeks ago. Rodriguez apparently doesn't want anything from Michigan lingering around in his closet.

Rodriguez donated 432 Michigan related items to the Salvation Army in Metro Detroit. I guess everything that was maize and blue had to go. The clothes couldn't fit in the shredder so it was put in trash bags, like that garbage defense he had for the past three years. I wonder if the defensive playbook would be among the items.  Or maybe thje list of special teams standouts. Or maybe the instructions on how to force your system down your team's throat. How about the handbook on trying to recruit a quarterback and run off a big time quarterback in the process. The shirt from the Gator Bowl or one of those ridiculous wristbands.

I know he did a somewhat noble deed by giving stuff he'll never need to the Salvation Army. He probably never wore a lot of that stuff anyway. Good riddance.

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