Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kyle Turley Is A Bitter Man

Turley's finest moment
Former NFL and San Diego State offensive lineman Kyle Turley is pretty bitter about Brady Hoke leaving sunny California to take the Michigan job. Turley told radio station 1090 AM in San Diego that he sent Hoke a scathing text message.

Come on Kyle, be happy for the man. I understand this was the first time the Aztecs had been decent in years, but this was Hoke's dream job. I'm sure if someone offered you your dream job you'd go in a heartbeat. I know I would and I've been at mine for 12 years.

"I was very upset and very disappointed," Turley said. "All season long it was 'Aztec this, Aztec that.' He's trying to convince me (during the season) to come down there to San Diego State. I'm texting him all the time, 'Great job and great win.' For this to happen, it's just very disappointing.

"I texted the guy, this is exactly what I said: 'I understand what you've got to do for you and yours but just the same … I hope you lose every damn game. That was a b.s. move, brother, and you know it.'"

A b.s. move? I don't think so. It happens all the time in sports so you should understand, especially being a former player and all. As far as losing every game, it's not like he's taking over Duke or UTEP. Eventually he'll win some games. He shouldn't be all irate about the situation. Hoke is only looking out for number one. I'm sure if someone asked him to leave his current job to coach lineman for the Dallas Cowboys he would leave in a hot second.

Turley being a hothead, I would expect something like this out of him.

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TCLaker said...

What a Loser this Turley sounds like. I think he's bitter because Hoke is now a household name, and nobody ever knew, cared, or wants to know this degenerate NFL flunky, Turley is a girly. Come on buddy, post a hot head reply on this blog so we laugh at you some more.