Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newton Declares For NFL Draft

Days after leading the Auburn Tigers to the BCS championship over Oregon, Heisman winning quarterback Cam Newton has decided to take his talents to the NFL. This was a no brainer. Everyone knew Cam was out soon as the pay for play scandal broke involving his father. Winning the BCS title just set it in stone. With his star at its brightest right now and the NCAA still not done with him he really had no other choice except to leave.

Where he lands in the draft will depend on what happens at the combine.Newton can play the game, no doubt about that. But NFL personnel men will be looking at other things. Like his ability to read a defense, his throwing motion, and how he thinks the game. Also do they think of him as a Tim Tebow type or a Michael Vick type? Or is he a Vince Young clone, someone that seemingly has the tools but has yet to harness his ability. I would have to say he's closer to Vince Young right now. Someone will take him in the first round. Where, I don't know. For whoever drafts Newton, they better hope he's not the next JaMarcus Russell.

As for Auburn, everyone's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. On the bright side we wont get anymore Trooper Taylor face shots.

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