Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jerry Sloan interested in coaching again

After taking sometime off due to retirement, former Utah jazz coach Jerry Sloan is getting the urge to coach again. According to a Fox Sports Florida report Sloan has expressed interest in the Orlando Magic coaching job. If that wasn't enough of an itch, Sloan also wouldn't mind getting a crack at the Charlotte Bobcats job.

Of course there has to be interest in Sloan and he gets that but it's obvious that something has been missing in his life since he retired in 2011.

“Yes, I think so,’’ Sloan said from his farm in McLeansboro, Ill., about his interest. “It would be very intriguing. But they would have to be interested in me.’’

Sloan hasn't heard anything from the Magic or Bobcats. Orlando would be a better situation since Charlotte is in full rebuilding mode. But Sloan doesn't seem to mind the challenge.

“It’s not always about starting at the top,’’ Sloan, 70, said when asked if he really would interested in a rebuilding situation such as the one with Bobcats, whose 7-59 record resulted in the worst winning percentage in NBA history (.106). 

The Magic is a franchise in flux right now since no one knows the direction the team will go since center Dwight Howard reportedly wants out of Orlando.

Sloan would be a good hire for either team and he knows the game. With his old school ways I just don't know if he has the patience for the Bobcats rebuilding or Orlando possibly blowing their team up.