Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things I Get Tired of Hearing

I'm just listing things I get tired of hearing during sports broadcasts.

1.Denard Robinson being referred to as "shoelace". I get it that he ran in a track meet with his laces untied. I just tired of hearing it. It's a cutesy story, but the nickname reminds me something you name a cat.

2.How USC has nothing to play for. Just because they're on probation doesn't mean they don't have anything to play for. There's pride and the joy of ruining someone else's season. Also the almighty dollar (NFL contract).

3.How much the Tim Tebow effect will have on Florida. We all know he's gone, so please stop talking about him. The next time I want to hear about him during a Florida game is when the put a statue of him outside 'The Swamp'.

4.Rich Rodriguez's hot seat. The seat is hot indeed, just let the man coach. He probably feels like he's standing next to the devil right now.

5.Trent Richardson is better Mark Ingram. If he was, he wouldn't be the backup.

6.LeBron screwing Cleveland. In a sense I can't blame him. But if no one of significance was going to come and play with you, then go play with someone else.

7.Small market teams. If you fancy yourself a major U.S. city, then how in the hell are you small market? If San Diego is larger than St. Louis, how are you a small market franchise, Padres owner?

8.When Joe Paterno is retiring. Obviously never. I could be wrong, but the way he talks it seems like he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Hell, he still does the Nittany Lion growl to recruits.

9.Floyd Mayweather "ducking" Manny Pacquiao. I  know Floyd talks a lot of trash, but he does have a point. If someone moves up multiple weight classes, they usually sacrifice some power going up the ladder or lose a little speed while building up their power. Pacquiao has lost neither. I'm no Mayweather honk, but among my peers this seems to be true.

10.How good the "prevent" defense is. All it does is prevent you from closing out a win. If playing agressive has gotten you that far,why go into a shell.

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