Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ole Miss Needs To Get It Together Upstairs

After their shocking (to some) loss to Jacksonville State, Ole Miss needs to do some serious soul searching to get their season back on track. Don't get me wrong, the rebels weren't a serious SEC title contender or highly regarded like last season. They still have the talent to make a bowl game and one of the best coaches in the nation that does more when less is expected in Houston Nutt. The task for Nutt is to make sure they get over this loss and do it quickly. After last season when expectations were high, and the Rebels fell flat on their face, this was the last thing they needed. As a fan, i saw what happened to Michigan after the loss to Appalachian State. They were housed by Oregon at home after the App. State loss, but eventually rebounded to play in a New Year's Day bowl and beat Florida in Lloyd Carr's final game. It seemed like they never really recovered from that loss. I've seen it happen to teams in various sports. Some don't recover from a shocking upset loss. To avoid a tailspin, they need to lay a beatdown on Tulane next week. It's a roadie and in the world of college football anyhting can happen. The Rebels need to avoid overlooking the Green Wave and come out hard. Don't let up off the gas pedal and totally annihilate Tulane. I'm not saying Tulane is a world beater or a pushover. This is a game they should win, same as the game against Vandy. Games they should win, but at this point and time, they shouldn't be overlooking anyone. Especially after falling to Jacksonville State, at home no less. They need to recover quickly or this season can go in the toilet, real fast.

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