Saturday, February 23, 2013

Collin Klein wants to be an NFL quarterback

Kansas State's Collin Klein had an amazing two year run as a starting quarterback for the Wildcats. He led the program back to respectability and was Heisman Trophy finalist.

However, Klein is now heading to the NFL and plans on showcasing his skills at the league's combine. But he only wants to play quarterback. This was reported after Klein was asked to work out with the tight ends.

Klein's agent, Peter Schaffer says that Klein wants to focus on being a quarterback.

 "Collin is excited to work out at the combine as a quarterback to demonstrate to the powers that be he is an NFL quarterback," Schaffer told the The Denver Post on Friday.

Klein added that he will exhaust every possibility until he can't play quarterback.

"I want to pursue every door that I possibly can to play quarterback, and until everyone one of those is closed, I'm not really considering anything else," he said.

Good luck in Canada Mr. Klein, because no one in the NFL will draft you as a quarterback. I'm not trying to be cynical but it's true. He has too many questions about his delivery and accuracy to be an NFL quarterback. Klein should ask former Heisman winners Eric Crouch or Tim Tebow how their careers are since they wanted a shot a being a quarterback.

Klein should be thinking of other opportunities instead of locking in on his college position. It just isn't going to work out at quarterback for him.

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