Thursday, February 21, 2013

David Price recants his opinion on Yankees comments

Yesterday Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price said that he wouldn't stay with the New York Yankees if he was traded there because of the team's policy regarding facial hair.

Today Price backtracked on his statements and called the Yankees the best organization in sports.

When people get critical of you over a statement always recant your story and translate it to the masses.

“It probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t mean anything by it,” Price said. “I wasn’t looking to offend the Yankees. It’s probably the best organization in all of sports. Not just baseball, but all of sports. I didn’t mean anything (against) the New York Yankees. I’ve had friends on that team for multiple years.”

“I can’t rule out anybody because, obviously, what they do for the game of baseball is just tremendous,” Price said of the Yankees. “I was talking about Joe (Maddon). I was talking about the way we do everything over here, how he lets us be comfortable in our own skin. And that’s what I was referring to.”

Of course Price wouldn't want to rule out the Yankees because they're the team that will probably throw the most money at him. But I still believe that Price is a different cat and may not want to sign because of money.  Personally I would like to see him remain in Tampa.

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